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OK, I know I'm not the only nurse who has encountered the "VIP" patient. You know the story...you get report on the new admit coming to your unit and you are told to take extra special care of this patient. This infuriates me to... Read More

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    I realize, upon reading these postings, that they were initially placed in 2008, but, after reading several negative comments, I feel that I must speak up regarding VIP patients. We all realize, I'm sure, that VIP patients are those that typically donate, what can be inordinate amounts of money, to the hospitals of their choice. Many hospitals depend upon the donations of these patrons in order to conduct research and build new or updated facilities. Being both an administrator and RN, I have to say that I see both sides. As nurses, we want to treat each patient fairly and afford them the best possible care, regardless of whether they are homeless or wealthy. However, taking care of a VIP patient involves much more. Some VIP patients, who experience subordinate care from an uncaring or overworked nurse, may be less than motivated to donate in the future. And, pledged donations can easily be withdrawn, if poor treatment is experienced. Many patients, who experience excellent service, may be more apt to donate in the future. Hospitals are businesses. And, let's face it, even though most nurses enjoy caring for patients and extend excellent care, sometimes we have our off days and I, myself, would prefer knowing a patient's VIP status just as I appreciate having a heads-up on a patient who is displaying behavior that may mean he's preparing for a complaint/lawsuit (we all know that if the patient or famiily member is writing down everything that's being done from admission to discharge, and taking names, it's a red flag.) So, if it's a VIP, I want to know. And, who knows, perhaps his/her donation is the very thing that helped build the unit at which I work. Treat every patient fairly and with the same excellent service you would always offer, but appreciate their contributions, as monetary donations help improve care for every patient, overall.
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    "I treat all of my patients the same. They all get my best and quality care. Perhaps if VIP needs extra TLC they can bring a private duty staff"

    VIP in my facility means that we take extra caution to ensure confidentiality and privacy--they are John/Jane Does, door is closed, sign on door that everyone needs to check in prior to visiting, that type of thing. Does NOT mean that the care/treatment is going to be any different or that I am a personal therapist/pillow fluffer/drink fetcher-----any more than any other patient needs.....

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