Tell me more about your PCT's....

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    Hey all just going to throw a thread up in the air, hopefully it will be straight forward.

    I want to see what you nurses think of your hired help . AKA your PCT's.

    The poll question is, what percentage of your PCT's are actually helpful?
    What I mean by helpful is, do they do what they're supposed to do normally?
    Do they do what you ask when you delegate?
    Do they give you an attitude if you delegate?
    Do they report abnormal conditions in an appropriate amount of time? (BP 190/100 , Blood sugar 37 etc.)

    Anything else you'd like to add.

    Let's try to keep this neutral, not a PCT bashing thread. I hope that for every group of insufferable PCT's, there is at least one decent PCT. Don't forget to mention them

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  3. Poll: The poll question is, what percentage of your PCT's are actually helpful?

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    The ones I work with are awesome (with the exception of one). We would be lost without them.They work their butts off and are a valuable part of the team.You never have to tell them to do something because they know their jobs thoroughly.

    The one lazy one with an attitude works on a another floor so I only have to work with her if I float over there.
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    I work with some amazing PCTs. I'm a bit neurotic and they know it... before we start our day, I always tell them what I need from the patient and call me if they need help. If I see them in my patient's room, I go and ask if they need assistance and vice versa.
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    most of the ones i work with on nights are good enough. 3 in the unit are excellent. You have to have a good work ethic, responsibility and intelligence and be willing to be delegated to. usually people with all of those traits will be in a higher paying job ( rightly soo for them) . the good aides are severely underpaid where i work ($9-11 an hr). but because the area is so economically disadvantaged that is the best most peoe can get here so we get better workers than in places with a lot of better paying jobs
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    Our aides make $24/hr
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    Quote from loriangel14
    Our aides make $24/hr
    As they should!
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    Quote from loriangel14
    Our aides make $24/hr
    $24!? What state are you in?
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    Ontario Canada
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    The ones I work with are excellent. Never give me attitude when I delegate to them. We make a great team and I think I would be drowning without their help!
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    I voted for the '3 out of 4' option because I'd estimate the majority (75 percent) of the techs at my workplace are helpful and do what they're supposed to. There are a few lazy techs in the bunch who fabricate their documentation, fail to give showers, and relish the idea of doing the bare minimum, but the vast majority are pretty good at what they do.

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