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So...I'm not looking for sympathy or anything. I think I just need to get this out. If you judge me for my decision then you judge me but know that I am hurting inside and feel hopeless. I have a stutter and it's worse... Read More

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    first of all, i'm so sorry that your having to go through this, and with co-workers that are supposedly professionals. having said that, i think the only time in my life that i stuttered uncontrollably was when i propose to my wife, it took me so long that everyone in the restaurant said the words for me!. needless to say, we all have the capacity to stutter if pushed far enough, this may happen during a very stressful interrogation in a police station, talking to emergency services on the telephone, or trying to respond to a particularly agile and aggressive lawyer while on the witness stand in court or delivering a speech. therefore, i agree with all previous posters you shouldn't change profession, i would seek professional help, i have taken the liberty of leaving you two links that might help, wishing you the very best always in all of your future endeavors as i send you a hug from across the miles....aloha~

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    i agree. i'd look into therapy first, and a revisit to just what kind of medication might help you. probably will end up something other than anxiolytic...

    btw, you work with fools and you do understand this.

    nursing is not the noble, altruistic,
    self-sacrificing job it used to be.
    sorry, charlie.
    florence nightingale is dead
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    [It's your first employment, you're a new nurse. Give yourself a break, not all beginnings go smoothly, give yourself enough time to get used to the workplace and who knows you might perform well once you become comfortable.
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    The other posters have said it all, so I am just sending you BIG (((((HUGS))))).
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    I stutter and I am so sorry about the reaction you are getting from ppl. I do get the same stares esp in the very beginning of my career. It helps to slow down think about what you want to state before you start..but sometimes even when you think things through it just comes out. With lots of practice my stutters has become much less of a problem. Practice talking to people,practice in the mirror. Practice medical terminology pronounciations,practice Spanish. Also look up Toastmasters ---they are nationwide and a great club to join to practice speaking..give it a shot its cheap enough! Good Luck!
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    OH MAN!!

    I stutter and have stuttered my whole life.
    I wish I could have out grew it like some other people... but no such luck.

    I'm also a new nurse and I work on the float pool team for a large trauma hospital... so I float to all different floors.
    wow sometimes my stutter is quite bad and other days not so noticeable.
    I always wonder what people think when they hear me stutter. I stutter the most when I'm on the phone... boy is it BAD sometimes.

    Sometimes I get so down about it but what can you do... this is the way God made us (for a reason... :uhoh21 I just tell myself I'm doing the best I can do... and sometimes just laugh it off

    But yeah nobody really knows how it is... sometimes it's like hell

    I've only "met" one other nurse who stuttered and that was back when I was doing my CPR as a 1st yr nursing student. Never saw her again. Her stutter was quite bad and strangely when I heard her stutter I didn't...
    anyways, glad to know I'm not the only one
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    I stutter at time too, especially when I'm stressed or nervous. I think what helps me most is trying to keep calm (deep breathes, etc) and talking slower. I'm sorry people were making fun, as it is not professional and is quite rude. The anxiety is what prompts it; from there fear of stuttering kicks in and then you feel the way that you've explained. Like others have said, speech therapy might help...but maybe you could find a method that works for you.
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    I'm so sorry to hear this. I agree with other posters - seek therapy and see if that helps.

    I think a major contributing factor for triggering your stuttering is the fact that you're a new grad. Be as confident as you can in every situation. Also when you encounter patients, let this concern be known ahead of time so they know that you are not stupid or dumb.

    Wishing you the best of luck.
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    I have ADHD and have had it since I can remember. In school I was made fun of all the time because I could never concentrate (teacher would call on me and I never knew the answer or what we just talked about and was punished frequently for it) and constantly failed every test and quiz because I just couldn't remember anything. I got on medication my last year of high school and it was like night and day. When I started college I got off the medication because I was embarrased to be "old" and taking ADHD meds. People can really mentally beat you down, but it made me stronger. What I learned is that my condition is not my fault and if there are meds that help me then I am going to take them. Like, JazzRN said yoga and meditation really helped me and I only take a low dose now.

    I applaud your courage to open up about it and have sympathy for the hurt you're feeling. I hope you can find something that works for you.
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    Thank you everyone. This has really helped. You have no idea how nice it has been to get this out and to have such a great response.
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