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Sexist Comment by Unit Director

  1. 4 at a recent unit staff meeting our new director, a lmsw, made the comment that he is proud that all the "guys" are willing to clean up "poopy diapers". i found this extremely offensive. we have one male rn and a couple male techs that do the same jobs as their female counterparts. i don't quite understand why the "guys" should be congratulated for doing a basic nursing task; it surely isn't beneath them because they are men. i told our director that being part of the nursing staff meant all patient care was fair game, male or female. he seemed surprised that i was offended, but honestly what planet is this guy from?
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    Did he definitely mean "guys" as in males? Or "guys" as in the collective group?
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    I wouldn't worry about that too much.
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    In my neck of the woods "guys" means everyone, regardless of gender. My guess is he is from a similar area in which that word means nothing more than "ya'll", "you", "ladies and gents", and on and on.
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    I'm a guy... who wants to work in NICU, but I don't find that "sexist" or "offensive" at all. I'd just take it for the compliment that I'm sure it was meant to be. Sorry.
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    Sounds like he was just making a joke to me. Ask any mom and she'll tell you women are the usual poopy diaper changes. But I see your point.
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    If that were the worst thing I'd ever heard said by a management type of EITHER gender, I'd be a happy camper.
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    I'm sure you can find bigger fish in your unit to fry. This is nitpicking.
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    He said it specifically to the males in the room. Not nitpicking, I just thought it was a bizarre thing to say.
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    You can file a complaint with the EEOC or you could contact your local newspaper, radio station or TV station and see if they would be interested in doing a "story" on it!
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    Sorry, but I think it is kind of nitpicking. It's good that you told him you were offended, but it doesn't seem as if this were meant to insult or alienate anyone, rather a way to praise people for a job well done. I get your point, and why SHOULD anyone be singled out for doing the same job everyone else is doing? But making a big deal out of this is kind of silly.
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    Quote from whill08
    at a recent unit staff meeting our new director, a lmsw, made the comment that he is proud that all the "guys" are willing to clean up "poopy diapers".
    your director is a social worker?

    do you have a nurse supervisor?
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    You know what. This site is becoming very antagonistic. Anything you say-you get attacked. I for one am with OP. Its BS and totally sexist macho non-sense.