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So I'm watching televison.... nusring and hospital shows of course...and They are always showing someone in these shows who is in love with another nurse, or doctor and they always end up having sex while in the hospital. My... Read More

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    Quote from dudette10
    OMG! Can you please, please go back to stalking Leslie. You were sorta cute with her...with me, you're downright serial-killerish.

    Oh, i thought you wanted four more pages... I was trying to do just that but you surrendered... Oh, and why wasn't I invited to your engagement party
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    All this is hillarious in a way and in so many ways WRONG. Too funny. Took my mind of studying for NCLEX lol. Back to studying. Gotta pass that test man. Third time is a charm I hope :-).
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    I saw more of it in a smaller hospital I worked at than the mega hospital I worked. I never wanted to have anything to do with doctors but I hooked up with a couple of firefighters that worked as their second job. But that was many many moons ago.
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    I work in LTC. Apparently, in the past, some employees have had trysts in empty rooms. I've never seen it, and even if I was crazy enought to pursue a co-worker romantically (I tried it before I was married, and it never went well), I don't want to become gossip fodder.
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    Never seen or heard about actual trysts in on-call rooms or supply closets, though if there was something going on we always could tell by the way they acted. . .

    At one place we had an attending who acted like ozone's co-worker "Dr. God's-gift-to-women". And he really was good looking and charming. . . I think his goal was to have had an affair with every female in the department. Even some of the patients. . . oh my and we had to deal with the newly dumped when the inevitable happened. . . "Oh, can you please page T-- for me?" "I haven't been able to reach him all daayy. ." uh-ohhhh :uhoh21: another one bites the dust. . .
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    I've never done it (maybe I've thought about it once or twice) but I know people who have. Two coworkers apparently used to utilize the supply room for that purpose, and another person served as "lookout." I have no idea how this happened without everyone finding out (I was told about it by one of them after it had been over and done with for a while).
    I know quite a few people who've had sex at work, but this is the only example I know of that took place in a hospital. I also know that my parents MET at work. Okay, now I don't want to think about that...
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    hey y'all, this is the funniest thread I've read on this site! quick question though since I'm not a nurse yet, where did all of these people find the time to sneak off for fun during work hours? I thought that being a nurse meant not being able to find time to breathe let alone play...
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    I've never seen it, nor heard of it really (a rare anecdote, perhaps, but far removed). Maybe I'm working in the wrong facility.
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    I do know an anesthesiologist who has done it at least once in an on-call room. And with a non-employee of the hospital! It happens.
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    Quote from mr. evans
    so i'm watching televison.... nusring and hospital shows of course...and they are always showing someone in these shows who is in love with another nurse, or doctor and they always end up having sex while in the hospital. my question is does this really go on at the workplace? how many of you have witness this, heard about it happening, or was one of the parties involved?
    it happens, but not nearly as often as television would have you believe. i've witnessed it a couple of times, and both times one or both of the parties was married to someone else. that's sad.
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