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We all know patients can be demanding. What's your "favorite" patient request? Mine, an iPhone charger...... Read More

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    I was a CNA when this happened. A rather large woman asked me to scratch her butt and she pulled herself over on the side rails to lift her bottom to a more attainable position for me. I was super nice though. And told her no, but I can wash you up if you like. I won't describe the sounds she made as I provided the service for her. It was humiliating, but not near as bad as what the Good Lord did for me, *sigh*, so ya know.

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    Quote from MJB2010
    I don't know about you guys, but phone chargers are the number one left behind item on our floor. Our lost & found is full of them.
    Yeah, we have a stash that's what we dig through if someone that's likable asks for a charger. If it's in there, great. If not, tough luck.

    Quote from LCinTraining
    I had one get excited b/c they were an incomplete injury and regained enough movement in their arms to pick their own nose. True story.
    I imagine the staff was excited too!
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    Psych pt. on a locked dept. asked, "If I'm back by midnight, may I go have just one beer (yeah right!)
    at that little bar down the road?" ...uh...sure. ...why the heck not?!
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    I got asked for a massage and when i said rubbed their back for 2 seconds and said "wouldn't it be great if we has masseuses's really not my expertise .............they complained and 'fired' me
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    ah and then on the patient survey response sombody gave us negative feedback because "none of the nurse would play bridge with me' (acute care hospital)
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    When an alert and oriented patient wants help deciding what to order for dinner, I become secretly irratated. We have so many options, the menu is 6 or 7 pages long, and they usually shoot down everything I suggest. If they ask me questions about the different food items or ask, "what's the soup of the day?" I really loose it (secretly, once again, of course).
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    Crispy bacon. I had a lolfof c hip fx use the call bell to complain that she was not going to tolerate another one of our limp bacon breakfasts. She ranted for a few minutes, I told her it was not under my control but asked if there was a nursing related item I could help her with. She reported no pain, no SOB, just was irate at the thought of the soggy bacon. She then said she would like her morning pills right now. I scurried off to get her morning meds.

    I returned to find her with no pulse, no resps. We coded her and she died in the OR, ruptured triple A.

    I have never complained of soggy bacon anywhere since then.
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    When a pt waits until shift change to request something - PRN pain medication, 02 tank, a snack, fresh water, etc. really anything during shift change/report. Especially when they are alert and oriented and just doing it on purpose.

    OR when the pt feels that they need to keep you captive for extended periods of time. Ex. - I walk into a pt's room ONLY to give them their meds, and they say "wait a minute, wait a minute, can you fill up this water pitcher? can you get me a glass of ice? aren't you going to put that cream on my legs? Can you plug in my DVD player? Will you hand me the phone? Where's my call light? Can I have a towel? What's this med, what's that med? What do you mean it's the same thing I get every single day for the last 6 months at this time? What's this pill? What's that pill? Can I have something for indigestion? Can you call the doctor? I have a stomach ache.. Will you check my temperature? I think I'm getting sick.. What time did I get my pain medication? What time is it now? Are they playing bingo tonight? Who comes on on 3rd shift? Who are the aides? Why is my bed not made properly? Have you seen this movie?

    NO! LOL they will be bringing you a fresh pitcher of ice in 20 minutes, I don't have half an hour to wait for you to get into position for me to put the cream on your legs, or answer the same questions 35 times the same shift!! I WILL COME BACK LATER WHEN YOU ARE READY!
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    My favorite was the actively withdrawing ETOH pt who asked me if I would like to get in the bed and snuggle with him. Ah, that would be NOOOOO
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    I just threw up a in my mouth a little. And it takes a LOT to turn my tummy!

    Quote from LCinTraining
    Some of these I don't think are too terribly unreasonable. I have snuck into the kitchen to "whip up something" for a patient. But we are a small facility. We can do that. We have a fund set aside just for making them feel more at home. So we've taken the patient from five states away and got banners from the favorite state university and hung in their rooms or purchased a cake so a patient could give his wife something for her birthday since they are in the hospital for extended stays and miss important family events. If it was an acute hospital, though, I could see this being problematic.

    The clinker for me was the patient that whined to the point of crying because I told her no when she asked me to pop her zits.
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