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We all know patients can be demanding. What's your "favorite" patient request? Mine, an iPhone charger...... Read More

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    now now Trouble, don't you know the basics of nursing? It's wrapped up in the "3 Ps": PushingPills, PlumpingPillows and PleasingPhysciams.

    I had a pt in San Francisco ask if I could stop by an ATM on my way back in that night, and bring him some cash. Using his ATM card. I told him I would have to know his PIN for that! He was well known to me on that floor, with a chronic disease. He said "well I can trust YOU". Jeez.

    He wrote down the PIN, I ran across the street to our parking garage, got the money (2AM), and scribbled out the PIN. Ran back up, gave it to him with the scribbled note and he said "only you would do that" laughing about the scribble.

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    Hmm...I've been asked for phone chargers a lot. Usually I am able to find someone who has one they can use.
    I had a patient one time in the ER who was upset and wanted to talk to the charge nurse. I came in and he told me about how his girlfriend had just had a miscarriage and he was devastated. In the same breath, he asked me if I wanted to have sex with him. Unfortunately I have had more than my fair share of completely inappropriate sexual patient requests. I wonder if my reply was "Sure, hold on let me take my scrubs off" if they'd realize how ridiculous that sounds.
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    The charger request wouldn't bug me. At my LTC my patients can't call long distance. I often give them my phone, never mind the charger. It is the requests that are out of sheer laziness that make me want to scream.
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    "Cover me up! "
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    "Can you run over to CVS and buy me some razors on your lunch break?"
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    I've also had requests to "get me that tissue"....that's right in front of them. This is when I worked rehab and then we'd have a chat about doing things for yourself so you can go home.

    When I say a pt asked to "fix her up something" in the kitchen....she gave me an order something like this: "I'd like turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a slice of pie." When I explained that I wasn't going to/couldn't cook her a dinner, but we had cold cereal and sandwiches she threatened my license. So no, I wasn't going to go out of my way for this particularly lovely pt.

    I have however, picked up candy or toiletries for residents when I worked LTC. I've picked up cards for them to send for their grandkids' birthdays and Christmas. If you are nice to me, I'll can be the nicest nurse ever haha.
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    Quote from imintrouble
    On this kind of thread I always post, "I need my pillow fluffed."
    It never fails to shoot my blood pressure through the ceiling. I don't know why. I've read all the other posts, and while annoying, they don't make my blood boil.
    I guess we all have our threshold.
    Haha. I work with spinal cord injuries. My tetraplegics ask me to fluff pillows all the time...then again...they can't really fluff themselves can they?

    I had one get excited b/c they were an incomplete injury and regained enough movement in their arms to pick their own nose. True story.
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    Crackers smeared with 1/4" layer of butter
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    Quote from crichards00
    Crackers smeared with 1/4" layer of butter
    Let me guess- cardiac patient?? Yuck!!
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    My favorite in a funny cute way was my 90+ year old patient's last night. I work in a rehab/SNF and this guy is just ready to go home. So last night at 3am, he calls me into his room to run his "plan" by me. He wanted to know what I thought about his idea to pack up his stuff and leave with his daughters after the visited later that day. Yeah, I think that is kind of a bad idea. I do feel bad for him because he really wants to go back to where he was living and apparently it isn't appropriate for him anymore.

    Generally, most requests don't bother me out of context. Asking to have your toe nails trimmed doesn't bother me on its own but if it is 3am and I'm in the middle of Q 15min neuro checks because of a fall with all the ensuing paperwork/charting and the only reason you want your nails trimmed is because you heard another patients asking about getting her nails trimmed, well it bothers me a little more then.

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