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ok , so i was in the ER recently for knee bursitis ( i didnt know what it was at the time i just saw my right knee get super huge and it hurt like hell) being type 1 diabetic i went straight to the hospital. ( it happened from... Read More

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    Quote from abschick
    My obese co-workers are always sitting around and chit chating instead of working. That is why they are obese. They will say stuff like, "oh I eat salad for lunch and I only will drink diet sodas.. " I am like,"Whatever..." One time I told them I will be 5 minutes late because I have my bootcamp in the morning. And they told me to cancel my workout because they cannot work for me in that 5 minutes period time. I am sooooo sick of their attitude! Please help these obese co-workers disappear , please!STAT!
    I don't think it's their job to cover your tardiness because you cannot manage to schedule your class for a more appropriate time.
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