Nursing job with the least interaction

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    I have had this discusssion with a friend of mine several times. She is incredibely burned out after only a few years of nursing. The constant crazy demands made by families, patients, supervisors, just the general abuse that nurses have to go through on a daily basis. I hate that she feels this way about the job, and I remember before she graduated how she was so excited to be able to do some good in the world. The pre actual work idealistic thing, I know.

    Like most people, quitting and persuing another line of work is not an option, finacially.

    So my question in not what job really has the least interaction, but what job others feel like will involve the least amount of abuse.

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    This is one of the reasons that I enjoy working with the mentally ill. Specifically,
    the indigent population. Yeah, they will yell at you, curse you, call you names, etc.,
    but that is part of their ILLNESS. After a while it gets much easier to remember
    that it isn't really the person doing what they are doing... it's the disease.

    Most of the time, and I know that this is a sad thing and it does bother me...
    but most of the time they don't HAVE any family members that will give you
    a hard time or be abusive.
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    I like the OR because you don't really get all extra crap that comes with people. You get to do your job without all the distraction of the family or the patient because they are asleep!! I love it.
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    I had suggested that also. If fact I was thinking that myself. I mostly like what I do but part of me wonders if I should start trying to plot a course towards something else. I so peds home health which involves a lot of interaction, at times, to much. I can't see myself doing this forever.
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    Ugh... peds is the WORST, IMO. I just can't deal with overly nervous
    parents. I mean, I'm a mommy and I FULLY understand why parents
    would be nervous, but as the RN I just can't deal with it. My most
    traumatic moment so far as a nurse involved trying to give a child an
    IM shot of Rocephin, and a hysterical, screaming mom.

    I've worked in Pediatric Psych, and that was better because visiting hours
    were SO severely limited, but the number of kids with horrific behavior
    issues made it a very very stressful job.
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    You will have to interact with some people. Which do your prefer?
    You might look into PACU. There are no families visiting and the patients move out fairly quickly.
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    PACU, OR, pushing papers at an insurance company. Definitely NOT pediatrics. In peds it is all family all the time.
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    PACU, OR, prison nursing (no family). Nursing Informatics, Infection prevention, nurse recruitment, PICC team..., Radiology RN...
    You could look into telephone triage, or data abstracting, both usually give you a cut in pay.

    I admit, I used to find family & pts difficult etc, but after several years, I got a really tough skin and learned not to take it personally, and then it became pretty easy. Most of the behaviors, as hideous as they are (And I worked ED, so I know what its like to be confronted with a 250 lb naked drunk and high on cocaine woman regularly) are not directed at you, so once you distance yourself from the requests, remember the patients are actually not feeling very well, and kind of accept it, things get better.
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    Computers.....Nursing informatics. The OR.
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    If she wants the least interaction, she is probably better off leaving the bedside. So there's utilization review, informatics, education/training, marketing, sales, infection control, risk management, HR...

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