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I wish I had a dollar for every post I've read claiming that "nurses are so mean," "nurses are nasty to each other," "nurses eat their young" or "my preceptor is picking on me for no good reason." And then if you add in all the... Read More

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    I think Ruby has some good points. I do not agree with letting rude behavior slide because someone is having a bad day, or problems at home though. We all have to be adult enough to realize that we all have problems and to leave our personal lives at home. Heck, maybe there's a reason why Nurse Nasty's husband is cheating on her-maybe it's her.

    And there are nurses that will be nasty to newcomers, new grads or new employees. That hated phrase didn't just spring out of nowhere- there's truth behind it. Personally, I think it's because nursing is dominated by women..most guys just aren't as catty as your average woman.
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    To be honest, I have never met a nurse that wasn't nasty and mean-spirited.
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    Quote from Anastasias
    To be honest, I have never met a nurse that wasn't nasty and mean-spirited.
    Wow! What a nasty, mean-spirited condemnation of ALL nurses! I can only conclude that you haven't known very many, because while I have worked with a few mean ones, the majority were either just there to do there job, or sincerely cared about their patients and their coworkers. There is no denying that the majority of nurses are women, and they talk about their "female problems" because they have that in common, and that some of them aren't intersted in helping new nurses, for a variety of reasons, but if Anastasias is a nurse, I hope she understands that she must include herself in that blanket statement unless she hasn't met herself! Way to give nurses a really bad name from inside! How does that kind of statement ameliorate anything?
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    Quote from Anastasias
    To be honest, I have never met a nurse that wasn't nasty and mean-spirited.
    Well that was certainly a waste of 60 some-odd letters we'll never get back. Yeah, I know. That was mean.
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    I actually had to stop and read "to be honest, I've never met a nurse who wasn't mean-spirited" twice. Wow. I thought I read it wrong the first time. In my experience, I have met wonderful nurses. I am a new RN, and I have enjoyed my experiences thus far. What I have noticed, is that usually there is more to the story with people who characterize others as "mean". For example, I have recently been told by new grads that I am negative because I expressed my opinion that we should not be allowed to write the RN exam like 4 and 5 times. Negative? Mean? Please! Some people are just overly sensitive.
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    I've been a new nurse for 2 months. I've been treated fairly well. I have no c/o mistreatment. Sometimes I'll hear a snide comment but I ignore it or let it slide b/c I have bigger fish to fry than to worry is so-and-so is being mean to me. I worked there as a CNA for 6 yrs prior. I don't think that changes thing though. If I have a ?? I feel very comfortable asking it. I was trained by 4-5 ppl during my time b/c the position was open, so they couldn't have the same person train me.
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    I agree. How you (as a person and professional) communicate, for example, will create the world you live in (which includes relationships). In any situation, assess the situation, and put a spin on it to make it positive...manage it. As a nurse, positive for me means use of empathy, therapeutic communication, and collaboration appropriately in the workplace as well as w/ patients. Energy spent in this way is more productive than energy used to create labels such as "eating their young", placing blame or feeling victimized. Afterall, if nurses can't talk to each other, who do you think suffers...patients?
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    dont get into heavy discussion on the internet! its similar to dont get into saving the world on a bar stool!
    99% of content on internet, no matter what form, is taken with a grain, or in other word, Boastful Statements, aka BS
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    I agree with your point that if everywhere you go you get treated with some degree of hostility, maybe you need to take a longer, harder look at yourself. But thatís not to say that bullying doesnít happen in nursing. When I graduated, I worked PRN on a med-surg unit as there were no full-time positions at the time. The first full-time position that came open was on a different med-surg floor than the one I was working on. The floor where I was working PRN was great. My nurse manager was very supportive, the nurses I worked with were kind and supportive, with a couple of exceptions, and everybody knew who had the queen bee attitudes and just let it roll off. When I transferred to the other floor to take the full-time position, I jumped into a pit of vipers. The exception on that unit were the kind, supportive nurses, and the majority of them were bullies. It wasnít Ďthey had a bad dayí because that was there modus operandi every day. And the nurse manager was the same. Iíve never had a problem getting along with people. Even the people that other people pick on because they think theyíre weird or whatever. But these nurses actually enjoyed attacking and tearing down other nurses, not just new grads but even nurses that were just new to that hospital, and especially if they were from out of state. They were like a pack of feral dogs looking for fresh meat. I was on that unit 14 months before I was able to transfer back to the unit where I started. During that time these nurses ran off several good nurses that saw the writing on the wall, that they were just going to get beat up by the mean girls on the playground every day, and there wasnít going to be any end to it. I tried to convince these nurses that they should try another unit, because they werenít all like this one. I knew this because of the experience I had on the floor I started on. But all of them just left the hospital and never looked back, and it was really the hospitalís loss. When the administrative person in charge of a unit condones it, it is not going to change. I have met a few very squirrely people that in my opinion should not be nurses, and some of them may be the folks you speak of that get the bad treatment everywhere they go. But bullying in nursing is out there. If every place I worked was like that one horrible unit, Iíd quit nursing and find another way to help people. Life is too short. Iíve worked at 2 other facilities since that first bad experience, and Iíve never had another negative experience on that level. But everywhere I go, there are always those with that tendency to be condescending or just plain bully others. Fortunately, they have not been in the majority.
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    All I can think from having nursing in my 29 year of service, is that, Nurses, just like other profession, always try to earn recognition for what we do (no matter how we conducted the work). Unfortunately, it is not an easy thing to earn it from other disciplines. So we push our nursing co-workers or subordinates to give one in all possible ways, even the nasty one. I'm not saying that I was one of the victims, but that was what I've been through. Well. If we nurses are willing to learn while working, we certainly shall earn all recognition we deserve by doing things much better each time. And, I believe that.....

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