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I have been a nurse for 5 years, the last 3 in Long Term Care. I am well rounded in my experience, but am always looking for more.

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  1. "Nurses Are So Mean"

    WOW! I seem to have offended someone. I have to say this- YOU do not know me, nor do you work with me. This is ONE situation on ONE night that everything seemed to go to hades. I will do anything for anyone at any time. I was an STNA. I know what t...
  2. "Nurses Are So Mean"

    rnccf2007- In response to both of your previous posts, I only ask that you re-read my original post. I work in long term care. 2 admissions a day (or a week) is unususal, but to have 2 on night shift on the same night, at the same time is practicall...
  3. "Nurses Are So Mean"

    WOW!! Great article!! This is soooo true! Nurses are people, too!! We DO have bad days, nights, weeks, or even months! I was recently in a situation where I was the "mean" nurse. I had what was an unusul night at my LTC facility.......We got in two...
  4. Pressing charges on a psych patient?

    :nurse:my question is- what do you do when you work in long term care and an elderly man slaps you in the face for backing his wheelchair away from a doorway, and when you report it to your don, she says nothing?!?! how do you handle this further? h...