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  1. neuroms

    drawing blood

    Here's another site that breaks the steps down really well: http://www.med.uottawa.ca/procedures/iv/
  2. You have to consider that part of what makes medicine medicine is it's potency of effect. Medications are only able to improve disease insofar as they cause physiological change. Sure, not many people die of low-dose supplements or energy healing, but they have never cured meningitis either.
  3. neuroms

    Most horrific interview ever !

    He tested your mettle and you passed!!
  4. neuroms

    nurse aesthetician

    Just curious, would you work at a derm practice as a nurse aesthetician?
  5. neuroms

    Sharing Prescription Drugs

    Would you send cake and visit them in the pen?
  6. neuroms

    Odd behavior with psycosomatic symptoms

    I might be wrong, but I think conversion disorder, like somatization disorder, will involve multiple unverifiable pain symptoms as a pattern of coping. I guess an accurate history would help, huh?
  7. neuroms

    Odd behavior with psycosomatic symptoms

    The patients refusal of most treatments sounds like a factitious behavior or, as you suggest, the pain is present and not exaggerated--we know that patients with high anxiety commonly experience associated chest pain--and there is an underlying cluster B personality disorder driving the patient's reactions in terms of need for control and validation. Did your doc order a psych consult?
  8. neuroms

    Which Pathophysioloy book would you want

    Robbins' Pathology is the definitive source, and you could also use it as a chair.
  9. neuroms

    Infected Cancerous abscess

    Post back up when you find out from the physician!
  10. neuroms

    Acceptable Mens Hair Styles

    You are not tired enough if this concerns you. They probably don't care that much about your hair, because they are tired.
  11. neuroms

    reamed out for using soft wrist restraints

    If the doc ordered it... but you could have considered a warmed humidified high flow if the patient would tolerate as a less restrictive.
  12. neuroms

    You're On Stage

    It just sounds like somebody has a bad case of the Mondays.
  13. neuroms

    You're On Stage

    Maybe this: http://blog.cep.com/bid/21152/Health-care-reform-and-patient-satisfaction I'll admit, I had no idea HCAHPS was going to become a CMS cutoff metric; that makes me sad.
  14. neuroms

    You're On Stage

    What are you talking about?
  15. neuroms

    You're On Stage

    I wish for once they would pay HR and management based on employee satisfaction surveys. I'm sorry your friend works in such a horrible example of this trend.
  16. neuroms

    Being prepared

    Agree with all the above, observe. As I'm sure you noticed, a small army of well trained staff work the code, just pay attention. No one is going to come up to you, being a student, and say "well you were completely useless for that code." They already know and expect it.