Nurse's Rights? Is It Only Pt's Rights? - page 2

::angryfire I am sorry to see that pts, families, and sometimes doctors abuse nurses and we have no support. I would like to know if we have the right to refuse to be assigned of to continue to care... Read More

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    Good luck to you.

    Unfortunately you can not refuse to care for a patient whom you have accepted into your assignment, because that would be abadonment.

    I'm sorry that you are not supported either. As a charge nurse whenever a nurse was having difficulty with a patient, I would reassign or take the patient myself. It's not fair for a coworker to go this kind of stress/abuse.

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    It is so sad to figure out and realize that, as you said, Typical Fish, "we are Public servants". Souds like you are right. I do have a hard time accepting it because it is just not human, fear, equal. If we curse in front of a Doctor or use vulgar language when an MD makes us upset, we could get fired or suspended. When they do this and more, it is ok. I we treat pts the way some pts and families treat us, we could also get in trouble. We have to back up the work and desitions of MDs pharmacysts, secretaries,NAs and so we. If there was an error by them, We should have catch it.
    I understand our responsability and duty to take care of pts who are emotionally disturbed, dementia, phych pts, combative, agitated and so on. This are pts with and unfortunate diagnosis. Why should we also have to put up with pts who simply are abusive, unreasonable, trashy, hostile and so on, simply by nature and by their own social up-bringing? I put up with demanding and rude pts who think I am their dog. I believe that everyone deserves respect, a child, a made, a technician, a nurse, a doctor and so on. Some people think that the hospital is a 5 star hotel and that we, the employes are less than they are. WRRROOOONG. We are all equal and important in this world and in this job.
    :uhoh21: Just venting!! Thanks again

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