My appearance being an issue

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    I was just reading some threads about professional appearance and body mods. Mostly they were saying that body mods is an issue and you don't want to scare the patient. I was just wondering if you guys thought two different colored eyes would be a reason not to hire me. I know my eyes scare older people and they think it's weird. Do you guys think I will actually have in issue in health care due to them?

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    Have your eyes been purposely modified, or were you born that way? I know of people who were born with one brown eye and one blue eye, and they have not had any workplace problems of which I am aware.

    However, the story might be different if your eyes have been purposely modified. Some workplaces are very open to employees with body modifications, whereas other workplaces have conservative cultures where that type of thing is not highly regarded. So, it all depends.
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    Yeah my eyes are naturally blue and brown. Do you know if they had any trouble with patients? When I was interning as a CNA, a resident made a comment about me taking care of her because my eyes were funny.
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    It is not as if you have a choice. This is the way your eyes have always been. Someone not allowing your care because your "eyes are funny" is just an ignorant statement. It is discriminating to not hire you because of eye color. If it bugs YOU, then I would see about color contacts (perhaps a dark brown) or a brown contact in your blue eye, (or just go an amazing color of green.....) and see what that does and if you like the effect, and I would wear for work. But I think the bottom line is that your eye color is 100% YOU and unless YOU have an issue, and it makes you uncomfortable, then let them be. ((hugs))
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    Quote from Ebwest94
    Yeah my eyes are naturally blue and brown.
    Absolutely, in no way, should Heterochromia Iridum affect your Professionalism.

    In fact, having Eyes of Different Colors could enhance Your Caregiving Abilities!

    Not only can you Identify with the Blue Eyes and the Brown Eyes, but you can appear really MAGICAL in carrying out Your Duties!

    Go, Ebwest, Go!

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    Modification and genetic traits are not the same. I guess everyone has their own parameters, but tattoos don't bother me unless they are on the face or are vulgar. Piercings don't bother me unless they are in the nose - that just looks like someone needs a tissue. Genetic traits don't bother me at all because no one choose them, they are God-given and He does not make mistakes.
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    I know genetic traits and body mods are different. It's just that I know people do change their eye colors. Which I believe would be considered a body mod. I was just curious if you guys had heard any issues. Thanks for the feedback. I don't feel as if I will be putting contacts in. I would feel like I was hiding a piece of myself from the patient.
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    No. It is different, im not going to lie. My brother is an elementary school teacher and has one blue eye and one brown eye. People ask him questions about it all the time, especially the kids (4th grade) he doesn't get offended by it. So i think you'll just have to realize some people are probably going to say something about it...especially older generation. It's not liek anyone will not hire you because of it. I highly doubt managers will say anything in the interview, but they are human and they are going to look.
    Everytime i've had an interview, they always ask me a question about passing judgement. Bring it up on your own at this point as an example.

    Honestly it's not like i look at my brother and think he is diseased, and nobody else looks at him that way either. It makes for a fun conversation piece in our childhood pictures because he is the middle child with 1 brown eye and 1 blue eye. I'm the youngest and my older sister has both blue eyes and i have both brown.
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    I have one eye that's split in half green and brown, known affectionately as my wonky eye (the other is green). It's only noticeable if I don't wear my glasses, but when people do notice it they find it more interesting than frightening. However people WILL ask about it (you probably have experience with that already) and it can be useful to break the ice. Definitely not a problem.
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    shouldn't affect your career other than making people like me jealous of your cool eyes compared to my boring brown eyes.

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