Lazy, demanding staff

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    What ever happened to strong work ethics?

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    Did you have a problem at work? I like your name.......probable cause....

    Last edit by renerian on Feb 27, '03
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    No problems at work, just see people waste more time complaining about what they have to do than it would take to do it. Guess I'm just thankful to have a job and feel like I should put in a full day's worth of work while I'm there.
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    Can you be specific? there is obviously SOMETHING on your mind that you would start a thread about it. I am curious.
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    Yeah, I think there are 2 possibilities. One is that you have a specific situation you're a little hesitant to share, which may be understandable, but we can't discuss it and help you out if we don't know.

    Or you just like starting threads with rather harsh generalizations.

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    "Give em 8 for eight!"
    Old union slogan
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    I guess I'm just an old timer and miss the days when staff would work together to solve problems, take pride in their accomplishments and ownership of their responsibilities. Maybe I expect too much or maybe my memory is failing me and the good old days weren't really that good. I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed a change in the way we do what we do.
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    I noticed in your profile you are an administrator.
    that can be a squeezed from both ends position.
    are there specific problems that need solved?
    do the staff think they need to change?
    Far as I can tell from my job, people are working harder than ever.
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    What maureeno said.
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    I guess right away you were a boss, didn't even have to look at the profile.

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