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    Originally posted by zuchRN
    ...I have started to hire only those people without a criminal history and people without gaps in employment and also people who have good spans at one job...
    I have to you discuss any of these issues with the applicant or do you dismiss them because of what you see on paper? If so you might be costing yourself some good, qualified nurses who want to work. I'm not sure but I also think it could be an EEOC issue.

    I have 2 misdemeanors on my record, both 5 years old, one a non-drug/non-ETOH reckless driving the other a no-contest plea to disorderly conduct...for both of which I have a copies of the plea agreement indicating it was a domestic violence issue and in exchange for my plea they were able to charge (and convict) my ex for both felony assault and vehicular assault. In 12 years as an RN I have 2 18 month gaps in my employment, one is for health reasons, the other is to care for my son following a avoid institutionalizing him.

    By your methods you wouldn't hire me.

    I have had squeaky clean *perfect* applicants turn out to be the employee from Hades and I would have know it if I had asked the current staff if they knew 'so-n-so' (amazing how small the nursing community can be) another valuable tool is the personal references a person lists on the application.

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    We do not check personal references as this is a "fluff" reference. who in the world is going to list a personal reference that is going to say negative things?
    It is not an EEOC violation to choose who I inteview based on the application. The number one things that I look at is felonies...that is the big thing. I am ok with some misdemeanors, however, as the administrator tells me--what does having a criminal record say about a persons character? I am also talking about people witha list a misdemeanors 2-5 pages long...(not that some things aren't explainable and some people have just not been caught). I am also not intending to imply that you do not have a good character!
    I tend to listen to applicants reasons for gaps in employment history. I guess what I run into most frequently is the nursing assistant who has worked in every facility in town and has walked out or been a no-call no-show at all but 3-4. People tend to only list the jobs that they know they left on good terms.
    I guess there are no good good solutions to hiring the right people for the jobs. I have hired people that I think are going to be absolutely wonderful and they turn out to be horrible. I have also had reservations about hiring people and they turn out to be great. As I previously interview is a crap shoot. I wish there was a good answer...a magic way to motivate staff (aids and nurses) to want to come to work and give the residents their all during their eight-hour shift. I wish that I knew the magic formula to get people to realize that they hurt the residents and their co-workers when they call-in or don't pull their weight.
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    ZuchRN - nurses can and have been fired on the spot, without incident at my hospital. Things are not always equal, I suppose.

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