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Everybody around me at work reacts to situations by becoming angry, retaliatory, vindictive and mean. Nobody I work with and I mean nobody I work with looks at the whole picture with their work... Read More

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    When I worked acute care, I noticed that there were three groups of people who were consistently behind:
    - Newbies
    - Smokers
    - Gossipers

    Everyone gets slammed from time to time, but these three categories were ALWAYS behind. My response varied according to what I saw and what I was asked to do.

    I'd always get a pump, whether to replenish IV solution, flush a line, or disconnect. I'd always answer a call light, unless I was in the middle of my own patient care. With the newbies, I'd help them do pretty much anything they asked. With the other two groups, I had to be completely not busy to add to my load. I had coworkers spending 2 out of 12 hours on smoke breaks, and there were days I didn't get a lunch... team work does not flourish in such an environment.
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    I think everyone should just have good communication skills, initiative and common sense! good communication skills to convey to others that you already need help, and not just assume that they can read your mind; initiative and common sense to offer help even if you're not asked to.. Especially if you already saw that your co-worker is already struggling

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