Is it illegal to say you're a med student if you are not in medical school? - page 3

OK, so I say that in jest; however, given the large number of discussions on AN about "can an MA call themselves a nurse?" I found this amusing. Today in the ER, my pt told the resident (a medical school graduate, a full... Read More

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    I love it when patients tell me "I'm a nurse too, so I know!" Then I catch a CNA doing something wrong to cut corners, but the "nurse" never says boo.
    However, I really love it when I have an actual nurse or doctor as a patient. I work PRN, so I change a lot of dressings for pts I've never seen before. I really appreciate it when the nurse/MD pt. walks me through a complicated dressing change. It makes things easier.

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    Quote from NurseDirtyBird
    I love it when patients tell me "I'm a nurse too, so I know!" Then I catch a CNA doing something wrong to cut corners, but the "nurse" never says boo.
    For me, it's when I say that I'm going to start an IV. The pt says "Oh, I know all about IVs...I'm a nurse too!" Meanwhile, they are wearing their CNA name tag. Nothing against CNAs...I used to be one. However, they are not nurses (sorry, let's not get off on that tangent).
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    There is a girl I went to high school with who I have on Facebook. I know she went to one of those career colleges and that she is a PSW (Canadian for CNA) because it's all over her Facebook and I saw her in her scrubs with the career college logo when she was there. I saw her on the bus once and she asked me what I was going to school for...i said I was in nursing school. She was like "Oh yeah cool...that's what I do too!"...i dont think she knew that I knew that she wasn't. nothing against them...but I've seen her post nursing quotes and "you know you're a nurse when" things on her facebook.facebook. Accept what you are and be happy with it or if you aren't...change it!
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    The term "medical" covers a whole lot for some people, apparently
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    We have a PCT that is new, and she is in Nursing School....uuhhhemmmm, working on math class presently, then a couple others before she applies...sheesh
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    Illegal? No

    Ethical? Big grey area.
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    Reminds me of the patient in our endoscopy facility who wanted her boyfriend to observe the procedure "because he's in medical school and would find it interesting". Ok, I'm sure he'd find it interesting, but our policy doesn't allow it. Fast-forward to the recovery area, and this same boyfriend "med student" is actually taking classes at the fire house to be---an EMT.

    Yeah. It's exactly the same.
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    I think calling it a crime is being a tad melodramatic. I've also heard MA students say "Im in medical school". Yes it makes me inwardly roll my eyes. But, come on, it's harmless ignorance, not "intent to impersonate a medical student" or something.

    In their mind the logic is "I'm training to be a medical assistant, therefore I'm in medical school." I'm sure they don't even realize medical = physician.
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    Quote from Tait
    The nice thing about nursing is it IS illegal to state you are a nurse without a licence I would have asked her for her RN licence number, otherwise it was illegal for her to proclaim the title.

    First, I'm sure you meant to say "I would have asked her for her RN and/or LPN license number".

    But this made me wonder..... Is this a law that's even enforced? Has a MA in a doctors office ever actually had charges brought against her for letting the patients believe she was "the doctor's nurse"? I've heard a lot about how "nurse" is a protected title, but vie never heard anything about it being enforced.
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