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My job stinks big time. I work in hospice/HH and I have been worke to death. The paperwork is piling up so bad on my desk that I actually can't work on my desk and had to move to another. I keep forgetting to sign this and... Read More

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    If she insists so much for a D.L., it must be that the department or certain individuals were starting to 'gossip' or pass not so pleasant comments about you or your work. She took the initiative, and went far and beyond her call of duty, maybe because she knows you are a far better person than the paper trail delay. Your co-worker is a STAR. I would get a vard, and write a heartfelt thankyou note, and perhaps mention that words aren't just good enough, you would really like to do something special whether for her or her family.
    Tell her you won't take NO for an answer, and promise you'll keep it on a D.L. as well.

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    Well if you ever get promoted to anything bigger and better make sure you say somthing along the lines of "and I could not have done this with out the help of all the people I work with especially my secretary thank you"

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