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We do team nursing on our floor with an aide, LPN, and RN as the team leader for up to 10 patients. I'm new to this. We have a few LPN's who will ignore call lights and ask other people to take care... Read More

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    As we can see from the above posts this is a very touchy subject. I have learned something today, be very careful how you write and word things. Things can come out all wrong and not the way you meant it.
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    The LPNs might not "belong" to anyone; but the RN does delegate to the LPN
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    here at AN, we have been through this use of the possesive before. I suped today, I had 72 patients, three nurses and 6 aides, and yes they were all mine. perhaps it is regional?
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    I'm thinking the same thing.. must be regional - they're all my staff... I have their back, I address issues, and they also say, "Hang on, let me get my RN for you" ... I belong to them too. I'm the one they come to with problems, and I'm the one who addresses problems between them - although I often feel like they're running to mommy to solve intrapersonal problems. I digress...

    I would address it with the LVN - directly. I don't make people guess if I have an issue with the way they're performing - ever. That shows issues with your supervision, if you are her supervisor, as much as with her performance. Someone else addressed it well - if you see her sitting - not charting - and there's a call light going off, ask her - Can you get that, or should I? Breaks have to be vetted with the other nurse, anyway, to keep the patients covered.

    Outside of the shift - off of the floor - if supervising is your job, address it more directly. "I have documented ___ ___ and ___. According to the LVN job description at our facility, you are responsible for ___, ____, and ___. Is there a reason you are not ____?" Document her response, write a short note and have her sign it. Send it to your manager.
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    Quote from HeartsOpenWide
    The LPNs might not "belong" to anyone; but the RN does delegate to the LPN
    And some of them don't seem to understand this. I don't know if they are not taught this in school or what. An RN has to prioritize and delegate. If that makes them feel like the RN is passing "lesser work" off on them I'm sorry, but certain things cannot be delegated and in order for the RN to have time to do those things they have to ask the other staff to help them.
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    First, the title of your post was am unfortunate choice of words.Second, as team leader, you simply say (IF they are sitting around), "I need you to..."I work w a fabulous group of LPNs and Aides; we cover one another. I always recognize their contributions, and they appreciate mine. I don't really have this problem. But if I did, a simple " I need you to..." will suffice. They will then have to explain why they cannot, or do the task.I don't really understand the issue here...
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    I agree that laziness can come from any type of healthcare provider-it just so happened that on our floor it's a few of the LPN's esp one in particular. Our LPN's pass meds, do dressing changes, tube feedings, and help out the rest of the team. My problem is when they are not doing their job and I'm the one ultimately held responsible if my patients don't get their meds, dressing changes, bed baths, or whatever they're supposed to have from anyone. It all falls on me. I don't like telling people what to do. I feel like if they were hired for a position they should be responsible enough to do it without someone having to ask or prompt them. That's why I called it laziness. I know of several LPN's that work their butts off-it's just that most aren't on our floor. I also know of lazy RN's and aides but once again most of them aren't on our floor. This one particular LPN has already been spoken to by our nurse manager which is why I'm suprised she's not doing any better. I think I will speak to her directly and let her know she's being watched and people are noticing what she's doing and if there is a reason she's not pulling her weight. She's pregnant and uses that a lot as an excuse. If that doesn't work then I will take it to the nurse manager. Thanks for your advice and no offense to anyone.
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    I will say one thing I have noticed: the aides won't answer calls on their breaks. So they call the RN, even if I am taking lunch at 3pm. And I stop eating, to take a pt. to the bathroom. B/c I am ultimately responsible for care. Can't say "No". So I get your point, OP.Hang in there, you will figure it out.
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    I understand where the OP is coming from. On her floor, it just so happens that the laziest staff tend to be LPNs. I can accept that. On my unit (LTC) the laziest staff is undoubtedly the RN staff. I spend five hours busting my butt passing meds to 49 people before I can sit down. She, on the other hand, has time for multiple smoke breaks and spends plenty of time on the Internet to boot. It sounds to me like your LPNs have too much down time and need to be delegated more tasks. Even though I'm "below" my RN, I "delegate" the floor's treatments to her on a regular basis.
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    I know,I know-I worded it badly. I wasn't thinking or trying to offend any LPN's. If that happened to be an RN or an aide I probably would've worded it that way which wouldn't have been any better! I'm just frustrated and I have flat out asked them if they could help me out. Some of the "co-workers" will either roll their eyes, sigh, and make a huge deal out of getting up or they will flat out say they are too busy even though they've been sitting their laughing and talking for the past half hour. It's not just me-other personnel have told me these certain ones do not pull their own weight and to not expect much help from them. It's been going on long before I ever showed up. I jump in and help anyone who asks even if I'm busy. I've never had to deal with this whole song and dance of getting someone to do their part without offending them.
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