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Do you ever wonder how people can be so stupid and rude?? Today I was visiting my mom and decided to run over the local hairdresser and get a quick trim. This guy was there whose daughter... Read More

  1. by   SJSU_Mami
    I would have taken that personally. Who is he to say what nurses do anyway? Has he ever been in the hospital for a long time to see the variety of work is done? We don't all become nurses just because we can't get into med school. I get really defensive when people say I should become a doctor rather than a nurse. They are two different disciplines and I chose nursing. It is more rewarding. A lot of people are ignorant, just remember that. Especially if he said that to you already knowing you were a nurse. I would have walked out of there without paying him.
  2. by   beaglemom
    I'm glad I'm not his daughter. She certainly isn't going to get any support from that ignorant jerk. It never ceases to amaze me how misinformed and ignorant some adults are. Anyone who has finished nursing school knows exactly how difficult it is to become a nurse and what a major accomplishment it is. Try to ignore comments like that..
  3. by   Rapheal
    I think in this bad economy some people are jealous of nurses. In my city the biggest section of the help wanted is jobs for nurses. When I started school some of my friends commented that I would be making so much money after I became a nurse.

    This rude man is really missing out by not being proud or supportive of his daughter. I wonder if it would be better for him to say "My daughter is pursuing a degree in finance because she will earn alot of money, of course she is not happy because she wants to be a nurse. But what is really important is not that she is happy, just that she fufills my goals for her."
  4. by   dotgirl
    Don't take it to heart. We are taking about a man and his little girl.
    Besides think of it from a layman's point of view----

    DR. nurse

    Who gets more respect?

    You and I both know who really runs the show and it ain't the MD.