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Do you ever wonder how people can be so stupid and rude?? Today I was visiting my mom and decided to run over the local hairdresser and get a quick trim. This guy was there whose daughter graduated from high school last year.... Read More

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    I think in this bad economy some people are jealous of nurses. In my city the biggest section of the help wanted is jobs for nurses. When I started school some of my friends commented that I would be making so much money after I became a nurse.

    This rude man is really missing out by not being proud or supportive of his daughter. I wonder if it would be better for him to say "My daughter is pursuing a degree in finance because she will earn alot of money, of course she is not happy because she wants to be a nurse. But what is really important is not that she is happy, just that she fufills my goals for her."
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    Don't take it to heart. We are taking about a man and his little girl.
    Besides think of it from a layman's point of view----

    DR. nurse

    Who gets more respect?

    You and I both know who really runs the show and it ain't the MD.