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I am a nursing student and one of my former patient's mother friend requested me on FB. So techinically, she was never my patient. We had a connection since her youngest son was recently diagnosed with autism and my 9 year old is... Read More

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    You exercised sound judgment in denying the request. A part of you wants to help but a part of you knows that in accepting the request may lead to a slippery slope of questions from the mom that could be deemed as medical advice.

    I learned to keep a "separation between church and state" so to speak. Work is work, and you already do so much good at work. Social networking is for fun. It is tempting to mix the two, but it can backfire easily.

    You made the right decision. Don't feel bad about it.
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    I have accepted only two former patients on FB. Both requested me. One I took care of during her labor, but not her birth. The other I took care of on antepartum, and her baby later died. She also is FB friends with several other nurses who took care of her.

    I also never talk specifics about work on FB.