Exit Strategies For Nurses Who Deal With Overly Talkative Patients - page 3

"I am a nurse who deals with multiple patients during the course of each shift. Sometimes I'll get a patient who simply talks too much and won't let me leave the room. Sometimes a family member will... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from TheCommuter
    You've misplaced your tracker? Smart idea!!! I would so very much hate to be tracked!
    It's funny how most of the senior staff misplaced theirs -- except for the ones who "accidentally" dropped them into the toilet or sink, rendering them useless! For some reason, the newbies all think it's a great idea and wear them proudly. I will say it makes it easy to find my orientee when I've lost track of him!
  2. by   BSNbeDONE
    Quote from malestunurse
    You are tracked everywhere you go? That sounds horrible. Why?
    The device was to show proof of our rounding when patients complain that they had not seen a nurse or tech "all day". Lots of our patients, with the push for pain control, are so spaced out that they don't even remember conversations with staff...yet the pain level is ALWAYS 8-10. (That's a whole other topic). So, when the patient complains, the computer printout from the tracking devises are retrieved to reflect how often we entered any given room and how long we were there. It tracks us up to 10 feet outside the hospital doors. Then it vibrates intermittently until we return within range.
  3. by   1RN4Christ
    Usually I say, "I've enjoyed talking to you and would like to visit more, but I have to go right now. I will come back and check on you." I've had the pager go off multiple times and back pedaled towards the door, and the patient will continue to ramble. Usually those strategies do not work for me. I like the tech calling for the nurse over the call button speaker. I'll have to try that. Enjoyed your post! I can relate to the "dizzy" excuse, but I'd be afraid to use that, because the patients may think their nurse is not well enough to care for them. Anxiety runs high when people are ill!
  4. by   Show-me
    I like to take some part of their conversation and say, "that reminds me, I have to get back to work". That lets them know that I have a job to do and I am currently not working by standing and talking to them. I don't want to make them feel bad about talking though, so I will say something to the effect, "you have had a fascinating life, or that is very interesting, I would like to hear more if I can get a few moments of free time later....as I am walking to the door...it works great!

    To say you feel faint and need to get a drink....you might as well tell them they are boring you to tears and you want to go take a break....
  5. by   curlygirlie3
    Quote from AJPV
    Have your buddy "rescue page" you out of the room. Set an appointed time when you want your pager/phone to ring - or you can ask to be paged to the nurse's station over the call button speakers. Works like a charm :-)
    Tell the HUC "If I'm not out in ten minutes..."