Eating a new nurse for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or is it? - page 3

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I had an experience recently that I'd like to share. (I also hope this post goes better than the last thread I started in another forum. ;) ) With almost a year under my belt, and I'm working independently 90% of the time. ... Read More

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    When this thread got moved, a post of mine got eaten in cyberspace.

    Someone on the first page mentioned that it worked out primarily because the other nurse was honest with me about how she felt. Truer words were never spoken.

    If she had acted any differently when I asked to speak with her, the outcome would not have been so good, and neither of us would have known the truth about each other's motivations. My respect for her just grew that day.
    That was my post. I had it deleted because I gave too much identifying info about my job.

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