Dr. told patient, "Nurses are STUPID". - page 12

I am not easily offended and l let things roll off my back. The P.A. was making rounds the other day and walked into one of my patients room. I heard the patient ask, "A nurse came into my room at... Read More

  1. by   TSemperger
    We have a physician where I work that is exactly the same way. He thinks nothing of walking into a patients room and telling them, their family, or any other visitors that the nurses are stupid and we don't know what we're doing. He's also the same physician that will march into our managers office and throw a hissy fit because some nurse called him in the middle of the night for orders on one of his patients ... after all, how dare they interrupt his sleep?! He's an important doctor, right?! Our manager usually takes his side too. It's easier to throw her own staff under the bus and agree with this imbecile then to actually grow a back bone and stand up for us.
  2. by   debirn918
    Here is the problem. This was not a Doctor-it was a PA saying this! If we want to be called by our professional and 'protected' title of nurse, we should never categorize this Topic under the heading of Dr. I noticed others have also responded the same. By the way, I do understand Drs say this, but so do our fellow nurses. How many can you remember saying similar things about the next or previous shift, or those who work in another area. Let's start building each other up, not down.
  3. by   GuineaPigs
    I've had MDs place orders for an hCG test for a man... MD needs to chill out.
  4. by   nmnnurse
    I would report him. It was very unprofessional and undermined the hospital repution. Either way, the patient was probably left wondering about the quality of his care if not wondering about the nurse, he would be wondering what kind of hack the PA was and how desparate the hospital was that they hired him.
  5. by   JKL33
    Quote from GuineaPigs
    I've had MDs place orders for an hCG test for a man... MD needs to chill out.
    Please. Without any context at least, your statement is embarrassing.