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Have you experienced or seen excessive or unfair favoritism for nurses that are willing to pick up extra shifts from call-offs? On the other side, does your facility indirectly punish those that don't pick up shifts with... Read More

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    No Favouritism- anyone who accepts an overtime shift is often praised/thanked to no-end though hehehe. Doing overtime doesnt get you a better roster/better patient load/preference for breaks etc etc. Just gets you a thankyou and pay at time and a half/double time

    I never expect preferential treatment. But hey, its nice when it happens :-)

    Personally, i dont like going in on my days off- mainly because if its for a day shift im rung at 6am and asked to be there for a 7am start, or phoned at 11:30 for a 1300start. I hate rushing before work (thats just a weird little thing of mine). However, i will stay back late/ do doubles etc (as evidenced by my arvo/night double 2 days ago. I love sleep days!!). If im on a day, due to be back for another 7am start and am asked to do an arvo double, i'll stay til 7pm and get relieved by one of the night 12hr people (thats often a sweetener "can you just stay back til 7 for me?!!")

    I spose i do it for my sanity, i consider my days off my time.

    Overtime is you lending the ward a hand, and getting a bit more money for your trouble. Nothing more, nothing less. Its a part of the job (one that my friends have difficulty understanding, along with the reality of shift work lol) and everyone is entitled to it, and noone should be punished for not doing it.

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    There is a lot of favoritism where I work. Some people have family obligations that prevent them working extra shifts, and they are frowned upon and given worse shifts.
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    Quote from Valerie Salva
    In my experience, it's the lazy nurses who come in late, leave early, call off frequently, and sit at the desk chit-chatting while others are working, whom are favored by mgmt.
    This is so true at my facility! There is a nurse that I work with who strolls into work a minimum of 15 mins late every shift she works. She whines about how hard her life is: work, RN school, family. She acts like she is already an RN and tries to dump on you (especially if she doesn't like you - like me.. lol), when she is not even the charge nurse. Everyone, including the DON lets her get away with it, because she's the "perfect" nurse and her life is so difficult at the moment!

    On the flip side of that, there is an evening shift nurse who is always on time. She always gets her med pass done by 2000-2100 and sits at the nurses station chatting with the CNAs. It's been noted by other nurses that some meds aren't being given, even though they're signed off on the MAR. These aren't meds that have parameters for being given, so no reason to hold them. Yet when it was pointed out to the DON, she said that it can't really be proven that this nurse didn't give the meds.

    In both cases, the DON says that these two nurses have overcome great obstacles and basically doesn't want to rock the boat. Go figure!

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