Do the doctors and nurses really sit apart in cafeterias? - page 4

I see this a lot in TV shows. The doctors are at one table and the nurses are at another, generally with no mixing. Is this really how it is in real hospitals? Edit: Where do Physician Assistants sit? I'm planning to go to... Read More

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    In my experience, yes.

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    On the off chance that I do get to eat something, it's in our break room...and doctors do sit in there and eat sometimes. As far as actually having time to go to the cafeteria and eat something, forget it. There are days that go by in which I have no time to even get into the break room and grab a snack, let alone sit down for a real lunch. It's not uncommon for me to go my entire shift without eating or drinking anything.
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    We have a canteen. We sit with whoever we have gone to lunch with or whoever has spare seats at their table.
    I mostly eat alone.
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    the doctor's dining room is a thing of the past -- it was rarely used, so it got converted to education space for the nursing staff. we rarely eat in the dining room -- too many patients and families, and lunch is a nice time to get away from patients and families. we have our break room on the unit, and most of us bring our lunch from home (or buy it in the cafeteria and bring it back) and eat it there. most of the providers eat with us, except the attendings who eat in their offices or in the fancy restaurant near the main entrance.
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    I used to go to a hospital with several fast food establishments across the street. At lunch time, you saw all kinds of medical type people congregating there, if you could find a seat.

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