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I am working in a large inner city facility. Corporate expounds the benefits of a diverse working culture. I understand the benefits of a large pool of talent. There is every nationality on Earth... Read More

  1. by   sharpeimom
    another thing that i believe factors into the diversity issue is the misunderstanding of what has been said by not knowing
    the exact word the speaker used or mistaking one word for another, such as hearing shirt when what was actually said was
    shark. she had never heard the word before and therefore what had been said made absolutely no sense to her. it was
    only when i showed a picture of a shark in the dictionary that she finally believed that i had not used the word shirt.

    we have a language that is strange and baffling in many ways. unlike romance languages like french or spanish, ours isn't based
    on latin. our words come from many many different languages and many have no logical explanation. i remember an episode of
    i love lucy where lucy is trying to teach ricky "proper" english before the baby comes. he tries to conjugate verbs and in the
    scene where lucy tells him how to pronounce "through" (which is the same as "threw") and, using his newly learned knowledge, he pronounces "cough" as "coo."

    when much of the practical everyday working basis for enlarging one's english/american english comes from listening to the spoken
    word, things can get very confusing and convoluted along the way. that along with a lack of diverse hiring practices (sometimes
    deliberate and sometimes because immigrants and minorities are reluctant to leave more urban areas where they are most comfortable)
    make it difficult to achieve a more culturally diverse work climate.