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I love getting report when the RN tells me about how unmanageable a particular patient is because then I make sure that they're not going to ruin my day and it feels like an accomplishment when I've won those patients over. VERY... Read More

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    Some patients will only beat up on you more when you try to be "nice" and placate. Sometimes it is better to call out the white elephant in the room. I had a difficult patient that told me she didn't like me and I had only been in the room 2 seconds! I don't know, maybe someone who looked just like me cheated with her husband or ran over her cat. Who knows, but I didn't take it personal. I told her that I was sorry that she felt that way, but I had a job to do and I was committed to caring for her so she could feel better and get home as soon as possible. I told her she had every right to feel the way she did and I wouldn't waste her time trying to convince her otherwise, simply do my job and be out of her hair. She told me she respected that. I will take respect over "liking" me any day.

    It really isn't a problem until a patient rattles your cage or if you are a person that can't stand the idea of someone not liking you...in which case I would say, get over that...be confident and be real. If someone rubbed you the wrong way and you had to work with them, how would you like it to go or be handled?
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    Since I work at a dialysis clinic I have the blessing of being graced by the same patients over and over. Most of them are fabulous but some of them not so much... One patient in particular always has a rude comment to say every time he sees me. I try not to let it bother me but it gets to me. Especially since I see how nice he is to my other coworkers. As they say, 'You can't win them all.' Also, some of the patients are very arrogant and bossy and they like to order us around. It irks me to my core and I am not a good actress....
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    I've found that some of the most difficult patients are those who are really insecure and feeling they cannot control their circumstances so they lash out. Well, I give them choices which gives them a measure of control. For instance, before I go get meds for the pass I go in and ask the patient how they would like to take them...with water, juice, ice, no ice, etc. Then when I bring the meds I say something like "well how would you like to do this, a few at a time oh look this one is pretty big I'll cut it in half for you" all the while I never give them an inch and get the job done. Same thing with getting cleaned up, I offer a choice if I can so that they feel a part of their own care. Doesn't really take extra time, and it gets good results.

    Of course, there are those you just cannot please and to help cope with the hard cases I remind myself that after all is said and done I get to go home today, these people don't and no matter how bad my worst day is...you get the idea.

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