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Let's face it: our colleagues are rather interesting people. Some of these individuals are awesome and, as a result, our workdays flow smoothly whenever we work with them. Other people are, well, not... Read More

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    The Purposely Inefficient to Get Overtime

    Ha! there used to be quite a few of those! Someone finally caught on and nixed that!
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    What about the end of shift report nurses, microwave and slowcooker? The microwave nurse- who gives report in 30 seconds-doesn't cover anything, it just seems to splatter about. Then the sloooowcooker-who puts everything in the pot, and has to simmer through report and goes on and on and on......
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    Forgot a couple of others:The Dansel in Distress: The nurse who constantly displays poor time management and priortizing skills. in due time, she sets herself up to get rescued by her peers. The one who you hate to rescue but do so because you feel sorry for her and her patients. You vow to never do it again but see yourself doing it again and again.The Sabotager: The nurse who will undermine any new nurse or new seasoned colleague to deflate their confidence, while inflating her low self-esteem. Pretends to be the best preceptor, but is really your frenemy who sees you as a threat. AKA....the workplace bully.
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    The "tries to do as little work as possible" nurse.- won't give prn meds because they are too lazy to mix them up and walk them back to a patient's room, tries to tape up a leaking colostomy bag instead of changing it, it's obvious they don't do treatments but, sign the mars anyways, stops up peg tubes because they are too lazy to flush then leaves it for the next shift to deal with, all the foley changes, weekly treatments etc get mysteriously changed on the mars to days they don't work, won't order meds, stock the med cart/cabinet, tries to delegate nursing duties to cnas, say they don't do "cna work", deaf to the sounds of call lights beeping or yelling, does as little charting as possible and its says the same thing for each patient, all their patients vital signs are somehow 98.6 70 18 120/80 and accu checks 100 (with small variations) every time they take them, they are packed up with their purse/bag in hand and all work "done" 1 hour before shift change, sighs and looks inconvenienced while giving their crappy report because they want to leave.
    Usually has a "holier than thou" attitude, complains about all the other nurses and brags about how great of a nurse she is.
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    The lone gunman. The one who never asks for help even when they should. Prefers to work alone. Looks at you like you have grown a second head if you ask for their help.
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    The Witch I Wish I Could Be: She's my mother's age and she says all the things I want to say, but somehow makes them sound funny or interesting instead of crass and rude, which is how they would sound coming out of my mouth.

    The Twin: This is a nurse I run across very rarely, and would move mountains to work with. When we go into a mess of a room, we work together, we don't have to talk, the one does what the other isn't without thinking, and somehow the work, no matter what the work is, gets done and fast. We didn't spend time figuring out how to work with each other, it just happened.

    The [expletive]: There is no word for this nurse. Well there is but it will get my post deleted or edited. This nurse has mania and hypermania as her two states of being, a mouth that never stops, brags about her or someone else's accomplishments till your ears bleed, and always manages to get someone else to do things for her, without ever coming into anyone else's rooms to help them. This is the nurse that I wish would dip into the narc box so she could shut up once in a while! It is also one of two things that I keep in mind when doing my schedule, the other being my family.
    Last edit by Indy on Oct 30, '12 : Reason: my my, even the initials are ***'d out!
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    the know it all. this nurse knows everything or thinks she does .

    the inquisitor - giving report everything is questioned and critiqued .

    90% are complainers and i enjoy it!!! some can be pretty entertaining

    the martyr walks through a hurricane 15miles in an evacuated area
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    The Never On Time. Tardy to work most days. Still gripes if you are not there 15 minutes early because he/she wants to leave early.
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    I find this article informative and well helpful. It will be my my reference when I am with my coworker. It is time I also analyze what kind of nurse I am. Thanks for sharing this.
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    At the risk of raining on this parade, I suggest you simply delete "nurse" and insert any other job, and it would apply.
    People are people. They don't change their stripes simply by putting on their scrubs.

    I fit very neatly into one of the described categories. I could have modeled for the description. I can assure you I was the same when I worked in the factory/restaurant/office.
    I'm lucky my co-workers overlook my flaws, as I overlook theirs'.
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