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Have I been a vascular nurse too long? Tell me I'm not the ONLY one! Does anyone else check out people's veins in the general public -- see someone and think "what great veins?" I promise, if I'm... Read More

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    How many of you all have "popped" an angio into one of those athletic type veins without a tourniquet? I found it quite easy to do, and while bragging on the great veins to the patient, made the stick. I think their egos probably absorbed the pain! LOL!
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    Sharann confesses to being a wein addict as well.
    My husbands veins are those wonderful, bouncy types (18 G, probably 16 easy as well). He doesn't mind if I palpate them, he says he likes it as long as I remain faithful to his veins only. No palpating strangers in the supermarket.
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    I was at a bachelorette party for a friend at an "ahem" ladies' club. I've been a nurse too long, married too long or both, because as the gentlemen were doing their thing, all I could do was drool at the huge, gorgeous veins! 18 gauge, anywhere...excuse me while I fan myself!
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    I laughed so hard when I saw this thread! I look at veins all the time, and when I was in school, I would BEG my husband to let me start an IV on him, just once, so I could finally get one! All my IV opportunities were (and usually still are) very hard sticks!!

    But he's a big wuss and never said yes.

    The worst part is, though, I had a thing for arm veins WAY before I ever became a nurse, or even became interested in nursing. Back in high school I used to LOVE checking out the guys who lifted weights and had AWESOME veins. That was almost 10 years ago.

    Weird, I know...
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    snuggling with the bf the other night...little did i know i was palpating the veins left forearm...suddenly i hear..uhh....what are you doing??...i guess i had some explaning to do....
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    I LOVE THIS!!!!! My father in law was sitting the other night with his feet up in his recliner---he has some real good ones on his feet. I walked over and started palpating his veins without even thinking. I think he thought I was nuts. Veins are the first thing I notice any more. I don't care if they have a cute butt or a nice smile. Gimme some pipelines!!!!!!! Boy am I relieved that I am not the only one. LOL
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    OMG! I am so glad you guys are here! My hubby and children do the same,"Uh, what are you doing?" bit whenever I start looking at their arms and palpating springy veins. I guessed when my tween was entering puberty cause his veins became more pronounced and larger as his arms became thicker and I just love the vein in dh's feet
    I must admit, I also look at arms while in line at the store, in waiting rooms, while at work...definitely a fetish.
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    OMG.. I ALWAYS do.. and I oftentimes tell them they have great veins! LOL...

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