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Have I been a vascular nurse too long? Tell me I'm not the ONLY one! Does anyone else check out people's veins in the general public -- see someone and think "what great veins?" I promise, if I'm... Read More

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    Any ER nurse worth her salt. I am appalled at very obese people (I am obese, but you can see my huge veins!) with so much padding the angio couldn't get through, those with really tough-looking skin, and very slender, cachetic-looking people. My brain is always looking for alternative sites, same with babies.

    How about this one, and 'fessup, now-
    The huge man (or woman) that you know somebody is going to have to be doing ineffectual chest compressions on (as they sweat bullets from the exertion) in the ER someday? Those really make my hair stand on end!
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    another guilty party-my girlfriend dosen't seem to mind though-just acts a little puzzled.
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    OH, yeah--guilty, even though I haven't worked in acute care for about 3 years!
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    I'm laughing out loud. OK -- no nurse's anonymous for me (today at least!!!) I do love checking out veins, though!
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    Oh YEAH. Particularly my Hubby's in Church or even when I roll over in bed and hold his hand.

    B I G old juicy ones!
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    i always compliment my fiancee on his veins. of course, he just says "ok honey" with a puzzled look on his face. well, a couple of weeks ago, we went to dinner with a two of my nursing friends and one of them turned to him and said, "oh my god, your veins are huge." he turned to me and said, "ok, maybe you aren't as strange as i thought!!" :roll
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    WOW!!! VEINS!!! Yes, I love those bouncy little hoses. Just today I was skimming through a magazine, and spotted an absolutely gorgeous hunk. The first thing I admired were the veins in his left forearm. (I quickly moved on to other assets) I, of course would have much prefered to have him in the flesh and --blood--And you are right, those athletes sure do have good veins! Stick right out there. When I get bored, I practice palpating on the back of my left hand. Got a good one there!--- I have been known to open a conversation with a strange guy by tapping on a vein and complimenting him on them. Oh, we nurses are strange folks, are we not. You know, if the general public read this , they would really worry about all of us.
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    On the first date w/ my now wife...I commented on hers, she smiled...The rest is history
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    okay, I's actually worse than honest girls..

    How many of you have looked at that big vein on your hubby/bf's "Main vein" and thought.."boy, I could pop a 14 in that right now!!"???
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    I am in IV withdrawal. When I was a staff nurse, I was known as the "IV queen" because I rarely if ever missed a vein. After three years in management, I hardly ever get a chance to stab someone!! LOVE big juicy veins.
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    originally posted by nurs4kids
    okay, i's actually worse than honest girls..

    how many of you have looked at that big vein on your hubby/bf's "main vein" and thought.."boy, i could pop a 14 in that right now!!"???:d

    alright i was just thinking about that when i read your post nurs4kids!

    i can't tell you how many times, people walked up behind me at work. proceeded to run their finger down the back of my arm, and ask if they can stick me with a 14 :chuckle

    i usually answer, yeah after i'm unconcious! :chuckle


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    hi i"m grandma rn38
    i look at veins all the time in public, in wal-mall,and also at my familys veins. my son has lg veins easy to get, but where i work the pts veins are so bad, is there a limit to the number of sticks a nurse should stick. one pt was stuck 20 times by 3 nurse in 2hrs.
    don't you think this is to much. i do.
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    Hello, My name is LasVegasRN, and I am a vein gawker. :chuckle

    Very tall basketball players (one's 6'4" and taller) have the most magnificent viens I've seen. One player, that was 7' tall had HOSES. Wow.

    Rick Foxx. Now there's a guy I'd like to start an IV on. No, take that back.. I'd need suction while trying to start it... :roll