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Hi folks. My questions in this thread are actually more serious than they'll seem... We've discussed at length here how awesome it is to be a young, hot nurse. Well, how about if you're old and ugly? The first strike... Read More

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    I'm sorry, but this has got to be one of the most lame threads on this site. We're seriously rallying around the "ugly" nurse to make themselves feel better because they've got other abilities that make them a good nurse?? Kind of like "everyone gets a gold star cause they're SPECIAL"...don't ya think?

    I'm far from from young, hot and sexy, but I sure as h*ll have a million and one other concerns in life when it comes to what type of nurse I'm going to make one day. I want to be competent, a good team player and someone my patients can rely on during their most trying times in life....not a shallow worry wart that wonders if my "designer" grey's anatomy scrubs and fresh, visually appealing face make me look like part of the cool crowd at the nurse's station

    Pages of posts devoted to such a silly topic and nurses wonder why they aren't take seriously or seen as professionals.............

    OP, I'll bet you're not nearly as "ugly" as you proclaim to be, get over it and be proud of what you bring to the profession, sheesh.

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    Well, if I ever need a self esteem boost, I know where to come!

    My breasts are sagging a bit after having three kids. Will I still be a good nurse????

    Y'all can start telling me how awesome I am now.
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    Last night when I was volunteering in the ER I was talking to a patient and his family. I usually put on makeup and fix my hair decently. But yesterday was a different story. I was just too tired to sit down and put on the makeup. I had oily face with horrible acne breakouts. My hair was falling out of the ponytail. I admit, I look pretty good with myself made up but very plain with out. When talking to patients, they commented more on my personality rather than looks. They said that I would make a great nurse because I was easy to talk to which makes them comfortable. I get the same comments with and without makeup. I think how a patient perceives your worth as a nurse is based on your skills and bedside manner when their life is in your hands.
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    This is the first time I've come across the notion that only hot, young people should join nursing. To be a good nurse, and to be liked by the patients, you need to fulfill their needs. Many patients who come into the hospitals are already married or are partnered, so most do not care how you look. In addition, when people are in pain, romance is the last thing on their mind. They'll be very thankful if you alleviate their pain, and it doesn't matter if you are handsome as Gerard Butler or as "ugly" as DJ Qualls.
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    First of all, you are very articulate. Your personality really shines in this post, and I would count myself lucky to work with somebody like you. My advice is to keep your nose in the books. Furthering your education is vital. Education is the key to being a competent nurse. Knowledge and intelligence are very attractive qualities. Also, you are very funny. Laughter is medicine for the soul!! It has been shown that a good sense of humor can assist in the healing process. :-) Stay positive.
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    Wow. Dont really know what to say ... I was greater than 40 when I graduated nursing school too. It's gonna be ok. Where are you at on your education path?
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    If anything I'm happy this thread exist just for the fact that you actually get to see how much personality really plays a role. A person can exceed themselves when they are aware of themselves and own every bit of it. When I do embarrassing things, I hope that the on lookers feel the embarrassment for me. Because I'm just a little bit too awesome to make my brain work in a pitiful-woe-is-me inferior way. I'm much more inclined toward awesome. Pick yourself up and be that which you know most, which is always who you can be best.

    The only people here that can hate are the ones who see what they hate most inside or about themselves. Develop more as a person, and then maybe an iguana or something if you have the time. And you will find beauty in all things.

    You can either retreat to a cave on the moon, or make those catacombs the place to be. Where the party is! Exclusive guest lists and such.
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    OP, hopefully you have a good support system or way to relieve the stress to recharge your depressing days. We all have enough of those "beat down" days. When I get wound up I hop onto the bike, do some knitting or even just stare blankly at a wall for a while.. Ha ha! Hopefully you're already back on your game and feeling better.
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    Quote from Stephalump
    Well, if I ever need a self esteem boost, I know where to come!

    My breasts are sagging a bit after having three kids. Will I still be a good nurse????

    Y'all can start telling me how awesome I am now.
    Your only chance to becoming a good nurse now, is if you can tuck them in your waistband so that they don't hit a patient in the face. Otherwise, you might as well hang up your scope now. D:
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    Wow you guys. Thanks for the tsunami of replies. I didn't expect this.

    I should enunciate that I wasn't feeling depressed nor trying to do a 'woe is me' type post (at least not this time :P ) I see how it can look that way, though. I appreciate the positivity and helpful information. I don't have self-confidence problems per se- I have no trouble walking up to anyone and doing the usual "Hi, My name is Jurd, nice to meet you" etc. People's reactions tend to be a little standoffish, though. Classmates often arrange themselves into little cliques- something I expect from those fresh out of High School, but plenty of mature adults do the same. Either way I'm frequently the outsider. Not that I mind so much while in school (this is all competitive) but I sincerely hope that it fades away once we work in a team-based environment like a hospital.

    I know that raw talent and attitude should overcome any outward appearance. However, in my long and illustrious past I've been not hired for jobs because my "appearance is not up to waitstaff standards" or similar crap, and there wasn't a darn thing wrong with the way I was dressed for the interview(s), etc. All of them crappy dead-end jobs anyways, but consider the implications.

    I like to think I'm fairly smart, capable and will be competent as well as empathetic as a nurse. We'll see. I'm in the last leg of the pre-reqs and hope to apply to Nursing school for the Fall 2013 semester. Other than a bunch of reading and a few times of being a patient, I don't have much real-world experience of what a hospital environment is like. Hopefully it's very different than working in a large office. I considered trying to volunteer at a local facility over the summer just to take it all in, but A&P 1&2 fried my brain. I needed a vacation. And beer.

    Thanks again everyone.
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