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I'm a senior nursing student and I had a bad experience being a patient last year. I went for a septoplasty & graft placement for my nose. I was under general anesthesia, which I had never had... Read More

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    Quote from Haarlem
    I also did not know this. The person we spoke to just before leaving maybe have gotten it wrong, about when my hb was allowed in. My nurse probably called him in when it was time.
    You guys have made me feel better about this experience.
    FYI I don't think it was helpful in any way for that person to throw the nurse under the bus like that. saying that doesn't undo what's been done and therefore serves no purpose except to upset you. She may have been wrong and/or didn't know the circunstsnce/reason he wasn't called back earlier. Even if she was right that comment in my opinion was unprofessional.

    And again, a float with minimal or no PACU experience may not have known it was her job to call your husband in, or may not have known the correct visitor policy, or thought she would be informed when he arrived, etc. Still could be a systems issue with floating.

    ETA: again she could just be a crap nurse but I could see myself performing much the same way if thrown into PACU with no experience. I've made many similar blunders as a float because I had no idea what I was doing, what the culture and policies on that unit were and so on. I'm sorry you went through that anxiety (though its a normal reaction to anesthesia) but also feel sorry for the nurse.
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