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  1. Covid Vaccine

    I have an alternative (but equally unsettling) explanation for the rise in non-covid excess deaths above the threshold: covid has overwhelmed hospital infrastructure to the point that we are seeing higher mortality rates from non-covid conditions due...
  2. Lessons learned from Covid

    Hmmm... I've learned that proning works well (maybe even better) even before intubation. Got reaquainted with ultrafiltration. Learned a lot about the immune system. Learned that N95s are surprisingly effective even when reused ...
  3. Covid Patients on enhanced droplet precautions in a regular room

    We don't have anywhere near enough negative pressure rooms. I mostly just wear an N95 and face shield full time. Been neck deep in covid since April and havent gotten it somehow, as far as I know.
  4. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    You understand that you're posting a survey from before the results of the vaccines' clinical trials were published, right?
  5. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    In the US, the first amendment protects individuals from governments persecution for speech. It does not, should not, and never has protected individuals from sanctioning by licensing bodies when their speech and/or professional conduct violates the ...
  6. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    It's not 'interesting but weak.' It doesn't support the claim you're using it to support. Full stop. Stop appealing to it. If you have compelling evidence, I'm all ears. If not, quit pretending you do.
  7. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    Nope. False positives aren't really a problem with the PCRs or antigen tests. Very high specificity. Actually, false negatives are. Something like 1 false negative for every 3 or 4 positive tests, last I checked. Again, nope. With th...
  8. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    I didn't read the study itself. I don't know where it was published, who peer-reviewed it, or crucially what the conclusions were in the original publication. It's not like peer-review makes a study bulletproof anyway. But it's beyond obvious th...
  9. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    I've seen headlines about offering the Pfizer offering the vaccine to the placebo group. You're certainly right that more time for the placebo group to differentiate from the vaccinated group would've yielded very interesting data. But I have no idea...
  10. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    I want to emphasize that this is speculative (I know you weren't necessarily claiming otherwise, in fairness). For one, discussing different "strains" of the virus is probably a little misleading, and largely the result of over-simplified repor...
  11. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    I, for one, was verging on giving up because you seem to be filibustering this thread, and were refusing to back down from wholly unsubstantiated claims like where you said the vaccine was riskier to people under 50 than the virus itself, despite a p...
  12. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    You are on a forum filled with people who work in hospitals. Next to this thread are a few thousand accounts of hospitals being overrun by covid-19. In my hospital, we've doubled our critical care patients, while also bumping the more 'stable' patien...
  13. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    The trials grouped type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes together. The data that was published reported efficacy for the diabetes group, specifically. Though adverse events were reported in general (which of course include the participants with di...
  14. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    I treat covid, in an ICU. And I promise you, as a professional, that you don't know what you're talking about. At all. Secondary infections are common in covid patients. Because that's what happens to profoundly sick people in SIRS and ARDS. Pne...
  15. I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

    By the way, everybody on this thread agrees it should be voluntary. As far as I remember, not a single poster has said that they want the government to enforce vaccination. I've been on record saying hospitals and other employers shouldn't make it ma...