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I am wondering if this has happened to any of you.... I got "talked to" by my Assistant Nurse Manager (charge nurse) because of an incident with a patient. My patient asked for some water, and I went to get it, but on the way to... Read More

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    You can never satisfy everyone all the time. Even if you had been on a one to one ratio there may have still been something for them to complain about....people who are sick complain, and their families try to ease the patient's and their own inadequacies to resolve the illness. I never give excuses or reasons for not being able to perform to all expectations. Do the best that you can do and resolve yourself to the fact in your own eyes you did perform to your best within physical limits set forth by the chronology of events. You are many things to sick people, but you cannot be perfect.

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    Always keep in mind that JCAHO is the mastermind of a private for-profit business that strong-armed themselves into accrediting hospitals and charging said hospitals for inspections.

    Pay the money and you pass. Find me a Las Vegas hospital that doesn't. They have the worst nursing ratio's and staffing in the country and they're all JCAHO approved because to close em' down would kill people.

    JCAHO "accreditors" are also pathetic registered nurses who take their 3-4 weeks "how to be" classes and then are turned loose on the general public.

    JCAHO has also created "spin-off" businesses called Mock JCAHO Audits who will, additionally, charge hospitals a fee for pretending they are being audited.

    A JCAHO auditor is a registered nurse with a new job and artificial power and authority.

    They are paid by you to certify you as certified. If you don't pass, well, they'll come back and charge you again until you do pass.

    The Mafia has been doing this for some time now.

    I got hold of one of their handbooks while I was working to "certify" a residential care facility for the elderly. Something to the effect of "...always leave an air of uncertainty during your preliminary exit interview, stating "We have found a number of decrepancies," but only disclose 2 or 3 of the issues to the staff. This will encourage the facility to take even more strigent measures to pass your inspection."

    JCAHO. Uh huh.

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