UNC-CH ABSN for 2011

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    Just to get a good idea of where I stand when I apply to UNC-CH's ABSN program I have a couple questions, if someone could answer. First, I am graduating with a psych degree, and a child dev. minor with a 3.5 gpa. What is the average gpa that UNC normally admits? Second, I know volunteer work is important to any admission process, however, I've always been involved in Club Lacrosse and Crew, and never had time to volunteer besides tutoring my teammates. Does anyone know how heavily they weigh volunteer work?


    p.s. all of my pre-req's are completed.

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    Hey FSU,

    I have no idea about any of your questions... Best I can guess is that the admissions committee will look at the big picture for each applicant. I'd bet your club lacrosse and crew would be just as valuable as volunteer work if you have leadership experience, and the tutoring would count in my opinion.

    Good luck! I'm applying too. Any others out there applying for Spring 2011??
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    Just thought I would check in again and see if anyone out there in the forums is waiting for Spring 2011 admissions decisions! Good luck, everyone.
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    i plan to apply for the summer 2011 semester. good luck to everyone who has already applied!
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    I have applied to UNC Chapel Hill's ABSN Spring 2011 program. Does anyone now when they will start mailing out decisions or how many applicants they are accepting? Thanks!
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    I'm applying too for 2011, the May start date. Not sure how many they're accepting or when decisions will be made, but those apps aren't due until December 22, so probably not before then. Good luck!
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    Erinmc- good luck! I applied for the January matriculation...hoping to hear soon!
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    Is there another thread for this program? I don't see much participation on this one.
    Did anyone else defer to Spring matriculation??

    Anyone out there??
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    I'm out here, although I'm applying for the summer of 2012....they are only admitting once per year in the summer now right? At least I think that's what I read....

    I'm not sure if anyone else is out there...would be nice to hear from them though
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    The statement UNC released said they are only accepting BSN students for summer matriculation and only ABSN students for January matriculation, so it depends which program you are applying to.

    Best of luck!

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