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  1. exploringnursing

    What did you do before nursing?

    I'm not in nursing school yet. I plan to get my CNA by the end of the year and start prereqs in January. I will pursing my ADN in fall 2016. Oh and right now, I'm a legal secretary and have been since 2000. I am so looking forward to pursing my passion and not looking back on this dead end job. I regret staying in the field this long. There is light at the end of the tunnel for me and I'm happy about that!
  2. exploringnursing

    What is statistics like?

    like you, i am not a math person. i'm taking an online statistics course now. thus far, my grades have been A's. however, i have to go to campus and take the final exam and i am so not happy about that. as long as i pass, i don't care.
  3. exploringnursing

    UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    I did see that Carolina is cheaper than Duke! Thank you for the insight! Looks like I will be going to Carolina!!! Good luck to you!!!
  4. exploringnursing

    UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    I am actually applying to Duke and UNC! Whichever program accepts me, I'm there LOL! I prefer UNC, but I need a back up just in case I don't get into one school! If accepted, I plan to attend UNC in May 2011. Thank you for the information! Best wishes to you and good luck with the NCLEX!
  5. exploringnursing

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    i'm also glad to know that i'm not alone. i have always wanted to be a nurse. i am 32. i am taking my pre-reqs now. i plan to start an ABSN program in Spring 2011. i am so excited! best wishes to everyone in their new careers!!!
  6. exploringnursing

    UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    Did anyone attend UNC-Chapel Hill SON program? I plan to apply to UNC-CH SON for the Summer 2011 session. If so, how was it? Is the program really competitive? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  7. exploringnursing

    I Pass NCLEX-RN first attempt with 265Qs

    CONGRATULATIONS on passing the NCLEX! Best wishes to you!
  8. exploringnursing

    A&P II online that has yet to start for this summer?

    Try Rio Salado! I plan to take the online A&P II course that starts August 30 and continues to October 23. The draw back to Rio Salado is that they do have proctored tests for mid term and final exams. Good luck!
  9. exploringnursing

    Seeking advice second career

    I totally understand your dilemma! I too have a BS and MS. I am currently enrolled in three of the four pre-reqs needed for the ABSN programs that trying to get into next year. I also work full-time. I fought myself (not literally LOL) about quitting my full time to go back to school for a BSN. I have decided that I am going to do it! I have bills as well, but keeping my current full-time and being miserable is not worth it in the long run. I would prefer to scale down to a college student again rather than show up to work everyday for a paycheck and not find my work fulfilling! I have a heap of student loans, too, but I'm not worried about that either. You also ask about the ADN vs. BSN. My girlfriend has an ADN and she loves nursing, but doesn't like the hospital she works at so much. She has been applying for jobs for months and no one will hire her. She has been a RN for two years. She swears it's because she doesn't have her BSN. While I cannot tell you what to do, I would do the BSN. I'm only doing the BSN because I don't want to pay twice for a degree in the same field! Best wishes!
  10. exploringnursing

    Microbiology this summer

    I'm taking microbiology online this summer and absolutely despise it. My teacher is not as thorough as she should be. Then again, I'm also taking A&P I and Statistics. I am doing exceptionally well in both of those classes. Micro is giving me trouble with those DNA, RNA, and amino acid sequences! I can't wait until this is over August 21!
  11. exploringnursing

    Can I vent to you guys?

    I can totally understand. My mom is the same way. She can be very negative...That's why I was shocked when she was supportive of my going to school to be a nurse. We have some disagreements at first because she feels I should be a teacher (she taught for 30 years and just recently retired last yet). When I stood up to here, she backed down and now she is very supportive. Don't get me wrong...she still have her moments LOL! Your Mom cares about you and she wants what's best for you! Don't let it get to you! Continue to pursue your dreams and she will be proud of you in the end! Best of luck to you!
  12. exploringnursing

    new planning on starting nursing school soon

    i am taking online pre-reqs now. i plan to begin nursing school in January 2011. I have a friend who's a nurse and she said that it is impossible to work and go to school. i know you have a child, but it is going to be extremely hard to care for your child, work, and study. my girlfriend also told me that nursing school is not like anything you have ever experienced before. i am excited about beginning an ABSN program in the spring, but I have bills, too. Quitting my full-time job to go to school full time is going to be a struggle, since I haven't had to go to school full-time since undergrad. I know that if you have determination, everything is possible:)! Good luck to you!
  13. exploringnursing

    Online anatomy and Physiology/Microbiology please help

    check out rio salado college and the other colleges that were mentioned in earlier posts.
  14. exploringnursing

    Anyone know about GWU online courses???

    GWU's accelerated BSN just started in Fall 2009. I checked the website and did not find any information about that the online grad courses as part of the ABSN. I live in the DC area and do not know anyone who was admitted to GWU. I know someone who went to Georgetown and she LOVE it! she praises it! you may want to check out Georgetown as well.

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