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Hi all, Im new to the site and posted this in the Pediatric forum at first. I am a 3 year Neonatal ICU nurse from Florida relocating to North Carolina. I interviewed at Mission Hospital and was extremely pleased with the unit... Read More

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    I'm glad to hear that it took everyone else a while to get things going after getting the official offer! I'm also a new grad, but received the "conditional offer" letter about a week before graduation. I'm anxious to get a start date set up, but I also have to pass NCLEX, lol. I was told that I probably won't be able to get a test date until the 3rd or 4th week of January, and I'm a little concerned about what that will mean for my start date...and also how long they will hold the position for me (I told the hiring manager when I interviewed that I likely wouldn't be able to test until mid to late January).

    Also, did anyone have a problem getting an apartment with the "conditional offer" letter? Since it doesn't have a start date, I'm a bit concerned that it won't be good enough to serve as verification of income.