I've got a question and would love some help with it. =) I've got a question and would love some help with it. =) | allnurses

I've got a question and would love some help with it. =)

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    I am in my first semester of Nursing school, and I was just wondering if you could take the NCLEX-PN once you get to a certain point? That way I could work as an LPN while finishing school. I know at my school that the LPN program, which is 3 semesters, equals the first 2 of the RN program. So I was just wondering if you could do that. If anyone knows please get back to me because I would really love to find out!
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    depends on where you go to school because they have to submit your name. I know that the school I go to, they stopped letting people do that (don't know whether they weren't coming back or working too much). ask your school.
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    I don't think you can do that. I do know that some schools allow you to do the lpn program and then you can go back to school and do what they call the bridge program and go back for rn.
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    Not in NC, as far as I know or I would have done it.
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    Alamance Community College used to do that 20 years ago. I graduated with a BSN from another state, but my first nursing job was at UNC Hospitals. I worked with a couple new grad LPNs that then completed their ADN RN degree the following year. I do not know if they do that anymore.
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    At my CC, we could automatically apply for our LNA license after the first semester (endorsement by education instead of examination). After the third semester, we could apply to test for our LPN license. However, it wasn't encouraged or advised by our instructors because orienting/working as an LPN during our final semester would more than likely be overwhelming.