Greenville, ECU, and PCMH

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    Can anyone tell me about the nursing program at East Carolina?

    Any inout is greatly appreciated.


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    I went to ECU for one year and when I applied for the program they wait listed me. I was an out of state resident, so they have to take in state first. When I asked when they let you know if you are accepted they told me it could be a week or a day before the classes started! Thats when I applied to schools back home. My roommate however did finish the program, and she had a LOT of work to do. I had the opportunity to meet one of the nursing professors here in NY, as she was teaching the review class for NCLEX that was offered here at my school. She was very nice. Good luck, and keep up that GPA they wont consider anyone under a 3.0 minimum.
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    I am in the ECU nursing program right now and it is a lot of work. As we speak I should be studing for a test but decided to take a break. A 3.0 is the minimum and that is because so many people apply. They let in 105 this semester and are going to up it in increments of 5 every semester. They are in the process of moving to a new facility in the ECU School of medicine so they maybe able to let more students in increasing the chances. Good Luck and pm me with anymore questions.
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    Hi! I go to ECU now. I am an undergrad freshman hoping to make it into the nursing school. Chemistry 1120 kicked my butt, but i'm taking it again. The minimum GPA for entrance into their nursing school is now approximately 3.5. ECU's nursing school is one of the best and was rated #1 nursing school for men in nursing in the United States. It takes at least 2 hrs of studying per night for chemistry - i can't even imagine how much studying it will be for the NURS courses. But hey, I would prefer a nurse helping me from a school as great as ECU School of Nursing.

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    I know this post will sound familiar, but I am really looking for a response to this common question. I graduate in May from a BSN program in Michigan. I realize that starting pay in NC is much less, but I hear that cost of living is less as well. I was recently offered an opportunity to go check out Pitt County Memorial. Is this a good hospital? I am interested in pediatrics, what is it like there? On a new grad salary, will I be able to live comfortably without having to worry about my bills? I have a lot of questions, but I LOVE that part of the country (you all are so nice!) Please let me know thanks!
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    Depends- how many bills do you have? :chuckle

    I graduated with folks who went right into non-med/surg settings at Pitt. One went to PICU, two to peds, and a few went to NICU.

    Depending on where you live, yes, you can live off of a new grads salary.
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    As someone who moved to Greenville in the last year I think I can speak to this question. PCMH has comparable rates to other hospitals in this area, ( I interviewed at Roanoke Chowan and Lenoir) and the cost of housing is definitely cheaper. Other stuff is about the same as New England. Groceries, about the same, except milk for some strange reason, that's more than a dollar more expensive. Gas is higher. Taxes are higher, even coming from "Taxachusetts".

    Housing is where we saved lots of bucks... twice the square footage of house with twice as much land for 2/3 the price.

    Good luck!
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    Hello everyone- I am new at this and posted before but in a different place so I hope this one gets seen. I am a Vermont LPN that just finished RN school and has been contacted by Pitt County Memorial Hospital. I have never been to NC and have been reading the posts and it seems like a great place to be. I was looking at the apartment prices and they seem reasonable.
    Can anyone tell me about Greenville? My city has about 37,000 and I have read that Greenville is about twice that. Is there a lot to do? I am fairly young and single so am looking for a great career and a fun area. Also I read that Greenville was named Sportstown USA by Sports Illustrated, What exactly does that mean?
    Also what is the hospital like? They are letting me start off in the OR which I thought I would have to wait years for which is a big pull. The bad is that they are only offering 19$ start. Up here in the North it is at least 21 but the cost of living is outrageous so I guess it all evens out. I would be willing to take less money for a great area.
    Any info about the culture, area etc would be appreciated. Also if anyone is interested in Vermont, no hurricanes but 30 below too often to mention, I would be more then happy to answer any questions.
    Thanks Gina from VT
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    Hi Gina,

    I graduated last week from an RN Program here in Eastern NC and my best friend in school (Gina) has worked at Pitt Memorial for several years. Like you, she was also an LPN and transitioned into our RN class last year. From the sound of it, Pitt is a great place to work. They have a "home-grown" program which allowed Gina to work 20 hours a week and get paid for 40, they also paid for her tuition, books, etc. - I think she had to give them 2 years for that, but she planned on staying there anyways. I believe they offer the same thing if you decide to go for your BSN.

    Pitt is a huge hospital, one of the largest in the State and from what I've heard, one of the best. I recently went on a tour, it's beautiful inside and would love to work there, but it's way too far, I'm about 60 miles away.
    You said you're young and looking for things to do. Greenville is a University town - ECU, Eastern Carolina Univ. is there and has a reputation as a party school. My oldest Son goes to NC State, his girlfriend is at ECU - they aren't the partying type, but said there's plenty of nightlife in Greenville. I've only been there twice - there's every kind of shopping and every sort of restaurant you'd want. His girlfriends parents bought her a really nice 2 bedroom townhouse last year only 10 mins. from the hospital in a nicer section of Greenville and said it was only about $60,000 - which is very cheap compared to where I live (near Raleigh).

    I'm not into sports, so have no clue why it's called Sportstown, USA. The $19.00 they offered you is what most hospitals in the area are offering new grads - there is always shiff. diffs, etc. I'm originally from Boston - the landscape down here is very different than New England, not better or worse - just different. One good thing is that in Greenville, you'll be fairly to close to the beautiful NC Coast - it's nothing like the "chilly" beaches up North, the water is warm down here all Spring, Summer and Fall. The Coast is just beautiful with tons to do.

    I hope this helps you out some. If you want me to get you in touch with my friend Gina, I know she'd be more than happy to answer any of your questions about working at Pitt and living in Greenville. Take Care, Susan
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    Long story short, PCMH was terrible for me and my classmates. Three of us agreed we were absolutely going there -- wanted to be nowhere else. Recruiter contact was horrible. Interviewing and getting a position in the area you really wanted was next to impossible. One of us got fed up and didn't go at all after accepting a position. Another got fed up because the recruiter told her she could have the hours she specifically told them she needed, then told her she'd have to work God-awful hours that weren't possible with her child -- which she told him over and over again. I actually went, then left. I was told to "try it" (the area) and if I didn't feel comfortable I could work with the retention officer to get into another area -- no problem. I called her and then the recruiter everyday for 3 weeks and no one ever returned my call! I finally quit. New grads beware!

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