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Hey everyone! I submitted my application to Duke University's ABSN program for fall 2013 a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get some conversation started! Is anyone else applying?!... Read More

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    Quote from tribe12
    hopefulnursr24, I'm feeling the same way. I will hear from one school within the next week, and another by the end of January. Duke is also my number one choice, but I also don't feel that I have the money to pay for multiple deposits either. I had to turn down an amazing offer from Emory last year because the program was so expensive, so this is my second time applying to nursing schools and I can vouch that it is not very fun going through all the stress again.
    Did you apply to UVA CNL?

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    soulshine101, I did not apply to UVa. Since it was a two year program that did not prepare graduates for licensure as a nurse practitioner, I didn't feel that it was worth my time and money. Becoming an NP is my ultimate goal, so it didn't fit with my plans.
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    It would be nice to find out earlier. Is anyone else applying to schools with March or April deadlines? Duke was actually my earliest deadline!
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    I am also planning to apply to Carolina, but they only have January matriculation for their ABSN program...so I don't have another application due until August (if Duke does not work out). I live in the Triangle Area here in NC, so I'm hoping to stay local!
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    Hey Tribe12!
    I am a male applying to the program - graduating from Miami(OH) with a bachelors in Psych in May - 3.7 GPA, student athlete (captain), student org. president, and decent summer work experience, but nothing substantial. Also have my nursing assistant certification (STNA), but never used because of my schedule with sports.
    Any other guys applying?
    What are your thoughts on my chances?
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    Hello, Everyone! So glad I found this thread! I also applied for the Fall 2013. I'm confused...should we hear something next week? If you hear, post! Good luck!
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    I just received a status change that reflected what transcripts they have received. Just log in to the online application to see all your details. They are very specific, which helps.
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    I was messing around on allnurses with other stuff when it occurred to me to creep around and see if there was a thread for this year's applicants....and here you are! I was in your shoes a year ago - just finished my first semester at Duke. I just wanted to say good luck to everyone! It's a great program - but remember, there are a LOT of great programs, and you'll get in someplace, and if you really want to be a nurse you'll figure out how to do it. So try not to go crazy with anxiety y'all
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    Thanks, Laflaca! That was nice of you to wish us luck! There seems to be a discrepancy about when selected applicants will be contacted about interviews. When were you contacted?
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    Professorate, we will be notified on January 30th about interviews. In the past it was mid December.

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