Cape Fear Valley Medical Center

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    Hi All,
    I will be moving to Fayetteville, NC from CA to start my New Grad Progressive Care Residency at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and am soooo nervous. I was wondering A) if anyone has experience at this hospital and B) if anyone had any advice on what to study before I start my orientation. I haven't touched a patient since my last clinical rotation, which was in May of 2010 and am getting pterodactyls in my stomach. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    No clue where that hospital even is, but "Cape Fear Valley" kinda sounds like a name of a horror movie.
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    Private message sent.
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    Hey Canes,

    Got your message, and thank you so much, but I can't write back for some reason. I'll be on the progressive care unit. my email is
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    when do you start? I am thinking about taking a travel assignment there
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    Hi Rocknrollnurse!
    I start on August 15.
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    Discussion has been moved to the North Carolina Nurses forum.
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    I send u a private message.
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    hmmm. i am thinking of going there for a program, too. how odd that people aren't willing to post publicly about the topic. i'm scared!!!!!

    anyone else who comes across my post and has some info to share, i'd really appreciate it. publicly or privately.
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    I've gotten a call back for an interview for a new grad peds position and Im all the way in California. I wanted to know more about this hospital before making a flight out there for an interview. Can someone please share information with me too? Thanks.

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