Can I challenge taking the CNA I class in North Carolina?

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    I was wondering if I can challenge taking the CNA I class in NC? I worked as a caregiver in Minnesota for 3 years up until Aug 2009 then I returned to school for RN. My mother got sick so I moved to Nc to care for her and I didn't take my CNA course in college yet. I been researching online and getting mixed results some people say you don't need class, some say you do and Nc department of health says you need to pass state-approved Nurse Aide I training or comparable. Can I get some advice because I rather Challenge the test then pay $500 or more to take it. Also, if I do have to take the course does anyone have advice for a cheaper state-approved program?

    Thank you,

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    If you need the certification as a prereq for RN school, then no, you cannot challenge to get into school. If you just want the certification and it is not a requirement for your RN school, then you can challenge.

    I asked the same question at my information session for my school! I hope that helps.
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    You can challenge the NC Nurse Aide 1 test in North Carolina. I did last Spring and now I am in my first semester of nursing school.

    Just fill out the forms and check that you will be challenging the test, pick your testing center, and wait for them to send you a date in the mail. It will come on a little yellow postcard.

    Good Luck!

    *I will add that I did take a CNA course at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, but waited over the 2 year limit to test. That's why I had to challenge it.
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    I just want it to start working as a CNA now. I plan on finishing AA online from Minnesota then transferring to a college in NC to finish pursuing a career as a RN. Thank you for responding
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    It looks like they are doing on-line registration now. Here is a link.

    Again, you do not have to take a training course if you are planning on challenging the test.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the link you were very helpfully
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    Good luck to you Tasha! It must have been difficult for you to make the move, but I am sure that you are happy to be with your Mom, as I am sure she is relieved that you are with her.

    What nursing program do you plan to attend while you are in NC?
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    I also challenged the CNA I test in NC this past January. Also, I did not take any course (bc I already had 19 credit hours). I just read the book and I passed on the first time. If you have been working as a CNA, you should be just fine. Good luck!
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    Whoever is trying to charge you $500 is ripping you off or its exaggerated!

    Community colleges are way less than that. I paid $60-75 for my class a couple of years before becoming a nurse. I'm sure its gone up a little. But there is no way its $500 from a reputable school.
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    Yeah. You could. Agree with aLeigh1, read some books. No, lots of books. You can study by your own.

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