Whooooop!  I got the job! :-) Whooooop! I got the job! :-) | allnurses

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Whooooop! I got the job! :-)

  1. 9 Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to drop in because I know I will be on this board quite a bit- more so than ever before. I had 2 interviews for a NICU position yesterday and a few hours later I was notified that I got the job! Yay! I had practicum there so I am very familiar with the unit and am so excited. I look forward to learning more from you guys!
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    Congrats and good luck!!!!
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    Congratulations !!!!!!!!
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    Thank you everyone!!
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    were u educated in the US as a nurse? what did u do to get in the job
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    Yes, I was educated in the U.S. I'll pm you.
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    Congrats!! Will this be your first job as an RN & are you a new grad?
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    Thank you! Yes, this will be my first job as a RN (graduated at the end of April).
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope you have a wonderful perceptor (if this is your first job), if not, glad you are working
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    That's awesome I hope to be in your shoes in a couple of years. Good luck with everything!
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    Hi NICULOVEand a big congrats on the new job!!