Use of saline for sx'ing vented babies? - page 2

Hey, y'all! I was wondering what your policy is regarding the use of saline tubes/bullets for sx'ing a vented baby? I'm hearing word that the head of our respiratory team is telling all of the new orientees not to use them. I... Read More

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    I only sx when their baseline sat is dropping and their lungs are sounding moist. Depending on the mucous, being thick I will use ns. You have to use your nursing judgement I think each kid is different. Personally I hate sx'ing too often. CP does work I am a believer in that!!!!!!!:-)

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    In the PICU I work in we're allowed to use saline, but only when assisted by a senior RN, no juniors are allowed to use it on their own, and it's generally only used when all other options have failed. I think it's useful though, what else can you do to get out some of those stubborn 'plugs' that some of the kids get?

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