Interventions for severe genetic syndromes? Your thoughts...? - page 2

Hey, I was wondering what you guys think about some of the interventions that are done on babies who are born with severe genetic syndromes and have basically no chance at life for more than a few months? We recently had... Read More

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    Yes, good point...I'll be sure to bring that up to her preceptor when I see her next. ;>)

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    In our hospital, from what I understand, the parents don't have complete control over medical treatment, any more than relatives do in an ICU. Our medical staff has been very... I don't know the right word, but forceful, in certain cases and basically told the parents they would not run a full code on a baby without any hopes for a positive outcome because it's abusive and the parents usually go along. There are people who think slow codes are the answer, but I don't know anyone who would actually do it for fear of losing their lisence or job.

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