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Gift Ideas

  1. 0 Any cute gift ideas for a graduating nurse?
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    What kinda cash are you lookin' at ?
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    :roll Yeah, money's pretty cute, alright!!
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    A reliable car to get to and from work always makes a great gift! :chuckle

    Seriously about buying a tote bag made especially for nurses and filling it with nurse stuff: stethoscope, pens, little pouch with scissors - hemostats - flashlight in it; blood pressure cuff in it's own little bag, and a nice t-shirt for the nurse to unwind in after work.
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    That sounds good, too. Add some creature comforts, too. foot soak, a gift cert for a massage, something from the allnurses store?
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    There was a post on here..I think it was under 'PDA' or something...not too long ago, and they had some great ideas in ther that were posted to a husband looking to buy a present for his wife. Let me see if I can find it.
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    A Litman cardiac model.