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    What are some of the funniest names that you guys and gals have seen at work? I'll start

    Twins : Roderrick and Roderricka,
    Twins : Autumn and Fall
    Girl : ******* (A-sole-lee)

    P.s. This thread is just for fun.....
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    We had Deshawn and Dashawn (yes the only difference is one letter)
    Endia (India) and Asia
    Faith and Prayer

    Why do parents of twins get so strange with the names?
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    We had a mom who REALLY wanted to name her baby girl "vagina" (pronounced vahgeena).... we were like, please honey, no.....

    Another one actually named her baby chlamydia, bc she liked the way it sounded. Had no idea what it was.....
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    This is just a little bit of pet peeve of mine - I've heard a lot of funny names, but some of the stories that get passed around aren't necessarily true and people don't realize how old the story really is.
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    I haven't had too many funny ones but the trendy ones are getting ridiculous:

    I swear we've had at least 30 just this year of either a Jayden, Kayden, Aiden or Cayden - boys & girls.

    Nyvaeh (heaven backwards & with a Y)

    Chloe (pronounced Shiloh)
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    I'm so glad someone started this thread!!!

    Twin girls: hope and faith (we had 2 sets of those in the past year)

    Luv (pronounced "love" - for a baby boy)

    Treasure (girl)

    Miracle (a few of these in the past years for girls)

    And lately, we've had a return of some of the more old fashion names... June, Pearl, Ruby... very intersting

    I'm sure I'll think of some more "odd" names that we've had soon!!
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    :uhoh21: Let's see how long it takes for someone to post about Sh*thead and the Jello twins.
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    Quote from juliachloe
    Chloe (pronounced Shiloh)
    Well, that's original. Strange, but original. Does that mean that your name is pronounced kayla shiloh, or some such thing?
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    Amazing Grace

    A'miracle (not to forget the obligatory ' to make the name cool. However, this one really was a miracle. 24 weeker who layed in a outlying hospital left for dead after a 20 min resus attempt. After an hour kiddo started making cry noises so a resus was again started and transfered. Kid had the most uneventful NICU course! Left PO feeding, crying, looking around!)

    Tytanna (mom said it spelled tatyana.... I told her that the spelling was not what she called it, but she wants it to be unique....)
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    Once had a Mama want to name her baby boy Maddog - claimed it was one of the Knights of the Round Table or something. She changed it to Maddage after we pointed out people would call him Mad Dog.
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