Current Method of Gavage Syringe Warming

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    Hi all, completely new to the forum. I'm just wondering what everyone does to warm the syringe used for gavage feedings. Looking forward to your responses!

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    We use a lukewarm water bath.
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    we are lucky to have these "penguin warmers" on our unit, every baby has their own, great for warming milk or formula and also for defrosting frozen milk
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    Quote from NICURN29
    We use a lukewarm water bath.
    But are you sticking the syringe directly into the water bath? And what are you using to hold the water?
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    we use a small plastic bag to hold the syringe, this is placed into a styrofoam cup with warm water

    it works but is not very environmentally friendly..
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    We use warm water in a 1 L graduated cylinder. (You know, what you'd empty an adult Foley into?) Don't worry, we don't use the same one as for the Foley! They have a dedicated one for warming feeds, changed weekly. We keep the syringe in the sleeve it came in while warming.
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    We use the Medela waterless breast milk warmers. They also can turn frozen milk into thawed milk or warm milk depending on what you want. It holds bottles and syringes of all sizes. We really like them a lot.
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    We use the same graduated cylinders with a glove over the syringe...yeah...I'm not convinced it's the best, but it's probably the cheapest.
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    Styrofoam (sp?) cups changed QD, with the syringe cap on and place back in the wrapper or in a glove. We tried the penguin system and the medela. Those bags are expensive and the other took too long to warm up. We have to have something over the end d/t crypto (? some micro bacteria in our water/sink) Or if its a trophic put it in the giraffe while Im doing my assessment.
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    We warm them in a plastic ziploc bag placed in a warm water bath in one of those pink patient water pitchers.

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